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The Ultimate Guide To A Successful Relationship

It’s hard enough winning someone’s heart, but then you have to know how to keep it. No matter how easy you think it might be being with another person, love isn’t enough to sustain the relationship. There needs to be a lot of work, dedication, and sacrifice from both sides. In Australia, people have realized this a while ago, which is why romance is blooming. If you want your relationship to be a success, you should follow some Aussie wisdom.

1. Saying “I love you”

“I love you” can be voiced in many different ways. The important thing is that your partner gets the message. Feeling loved in a relationship makes you feel secure and confident, as well as assures you that this is the real deal. As well as outright saying it to your partner, other phrases and actions can be just as effective.

“Have you eaten today,” “did you get home safely,” or “hope that project went well” can all show your significant other you’re thinking of them and that you love them. Another thing you should do is find out your partner’s love language. Some people show love with physical affection, while others prefer words of affirmation. If you use your partner’s love language, you’ll more easily be able to show them the love you hold for them.

2. Being there

When the going gets tough, your love needs to know they have someone to lean on. No matter what they’re going through, you should be there to lift them up and support them. Support is the backbone of any successful relationship. That being said, you should know it transcends just being there when your SO is feeling down or going through something.

Support is a component which never goes away. You should always strive to push your partner to become a better person and help them achieve their dreams. You should be there for them to share their success in the same way you’re there to console them when they’re down.

3. Realistic expectations

Most problems in relationships come from the partners not having realistic expectations with each other. The other person is not going to magically solve all of your problems, they aren’t going to be your knight in shining armour or your princess. The pressure we put on our significant others is often more than they can handle, leaving them to crack at the seams. This is neither healthy nor fair. You should expect from the person as much as they can give.

It might be helpful to have a long conversation about what you can give and what you might expect from the other person at the start of the relationship. This will help you stay as invested just as much as the other person is- not more, not less. In the long run, you’ll avoid a lot of disappointments and heartbreak, as things will have been clear from the start.

4. Being together for the right reasons

No matter how much you strive to show your partner you care and how much you invest in the relationship, it’s not going to work if you’re not together for the right reasons. You shouldn’t be with this person because they make you feel less alone or because you think they’re as big of a mess as you are. Don’t be with them because of their looks or the kind of car they drive. Focus on internal characteristics that make them unique and pleasant.

Do they make you laugh? Do you just click together? Does it feel like you can tell them anything and like they understand you? Do they have similar interests? What about world views? These are all questions you should be asking yourself before you get involved with someone. In the end, ask yourself if they’re a good person that you could see yourself with long ways down the road. If the answer is yes, take the leap.

5. Tokens of affection

Showering your significant other with small thoughtful gifts is a great way to show affection. Materialistic presents aren’t proof of love, of course, but showing that you were thinking of your partner is. For example, if he’s told you he’s had a rough day, meet him in the evening with a bottle of his favourite beer.

If you know she’s got a busy day ahead at work, and you want her to have a stress-free day, op for flower delivery in Brisbane. Leave a thoughtful message and know she’ll have a much better day now that she knows you’re thinking of her. Little tokens of affection like these don’t cost much but pay off a lot. They send a much more powerful message to your SO then just texting them sweet nothings. Bottom line is, they help your partner see you’re making an effort in the relationship.

6. Good communication

Talking about everything is essential for a relationship to work. When you don’t talk about things that bother you or you think the other person needs to hear, all you’re doing is letting silent resentment grow. This is relationship cancer. Good communication includes the “how”, as well, though. Talking shouldn’t consist of nagging, yelling, or senseless fighting.

You should find out to what tone of voice your partner responds best to. It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about figuring out how to function together and how to avoid miscommunicating. After talking to each other, you should feel calm, resolved, and somewhat uplifted. The point of communicating well isn’t to bring your partner down and blame them, it’s to help them see and overcome whatever may be the issue.


As you can see, there are a lot of different things to think about to make your relationship work. Each couple is different, but these tips are universally applied. After all, we all have some things in common. We all love being taken care of, appreciated, loved, and cherished. Making sure your partner feels this is the basis of any long-term and happy relationship.

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