How To Improve Your Boyfriend’s Style 

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men styleIt is not that rare that guys don’t have much sense for dressing up. When you point that out, they will always give it to you, but they will never actually try to change it on their own. Having the same conversation over and over before leaving the house or attending the certain event can be exhausting for both of you and will eventually lead to him shutting you out. Try taking more subtle ways to get to his sense of fashion, in a way that these tips stay for good, not just result in changing the shirt at the moment. If you get persuasive enough, you may actually make him care more.

Big Cleaning

If you want to influence your boyfriend’s style, the first and the most important thing is to help him get rid of all the things that are not appropriate to wear anymore. These counts for old college fraternity shirt, commercial t-shirts from local dyehouse, his high-school Hawaiian swimming shorts and man sandals. Mandals. Why do those still exist? Anyway, men have a different sense for worn-out. Wholes, tear downs, and obvious outworns don’t catch their eye as much as ours. You have to help him realize when it is time to toss something. Leave one or two pieces for a yard or garage work, and toss the rest of it.


men jeans

It’s basically the same with women- if you have a good pair of jeans and a great pair of shoes, any shirt will do. If picking these items can be hard enough for women, just imagine man’s agony of shopping for hours. He is going to need your strength and patience to guide him through this jungle of tags until you’ve reached the perfect match. After that, you only need to make sure he washes them once in a while. The same stands for shoes/sneakers. Help him find one comfortable, yet a good looking pair of shoes and make sure he understands that paying a lot of money for one single item is reasonable if you are going to wear it all the time. Men do have some issues with the price tag.

Choosing a style

After you have found some good classic pieces, it’s easier to shop for the rest. There is a lot of choices when it comes to shirts. He can go nerdy with Star Wars lines or Big Bang Theory logos. Or he can go classical with polo shirts, or just plain with monochrome t-shirts. These are really his choices. The only thing you want to make sure of is that he understands the wrongness of V-neck. Everything else is forgivable. When it comes to sweaters, you will just have to trust him on this one. Don’t push some style you would like to see on him; they may not care about shirts that much, but sweaters are this grey, mystical area of men‘s taste, so just let him wear whatever he likes.

Classical suit

men suit

For special occasions, the best suits are always custom tailored men’s suit. The classical suit resembles the line of man’s body, his muscles, movement, and attitude. One suit can rarely be a perfect fit for two people. The only way of accomplishing this is by making his own suit. It may come off as more expensive, but don’t worry. Once he has a perfectly tailored suit, he will wear it for years and years to come, and it will pay off multiple.

There is inevitable need for girls to influence a boyfriend’s outfit choice, cause men simply don’t care that much, with the exceptions, of course. With the right attitude and not pressuring too much, he may actually develop a certain affection for choosing his own clothes carefully. Until then, he will rely on your help and guidance.


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