The Right Daily Routine For Having A Glowing Smile


A smile is an expression of the positive emotion, and it is a unique mean of communication that transcends all cultural and language barriers. A genuine smile can smooth out even the worst misunderstanding and turn things to better. Not to mention what a powerful tool a smile can be when we are trying to impress or to seduce someone. Radiant beauty usually goes hand in hand with a lovely smile, yet nothing can ruin your charm as stained teeth. No need to practice a closed-lip smile, since slight changes in your daily routine will make your genuine smile more glowing and attractive.

Clean your teeth properly

There is no need to brush your teeth after every meal as long as you do it twice a day. Morning and evening routines are practically the same, and they consist of brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Although most people floss after brushing their teeth, some dentists recommend flossing your teeth first. Flossing will remove remaining food from your teeth and gums, so cleaning them with the brush afterward will be more effective. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes and learn how to do it properly. Make sure to clean the toothbrush afterward and replace it with a new one every three months.

Don’t forget your tongue

Although we don’t show our tongue as much as our teeth (unless you are Miley Cyrus), food can color your tongue, leaving it full of bacteria that will eventually affect your breath. Make use of the back of your toothbrush to clean your tongue each time you clean your teeth. Also, you can look for some handy tongue cleaners that are quite gentle on the tongue, but very helpful in removing plaque and bacteria from the surface. Scrape your tongue from the back to the front.

Include mouthwash in your daily routine

Mouthwash is not a replacement for cleaning your teeth, so don’t skip your morning and evening routine. Instead, include mouthwash at the end to freshen up your breath and prevent the plaque build up on your teeth. Also, you can use it during the day, after meals to reduce the number of acids and plaque bacteria in your mouth. Mouthwash will instantly improve your breath, but make sure to read the product label and use it accordingly.

Take preventive measures

For some people, proper oral hygiene simply isn’t enough, so taking some additional preventive measures is a must. Many dental professionals and leading oral care companies like Caredent recommend using products that contain fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral that reduces cavities by strengthening your teeth and repairing enamel. Although water and some food contain fluoride, the best way to ensure the right amount is to buy toothpaste that contains this ingredient.

Avoid sweets and sodas

Although hard candies are risky for obvious reasons, you should also stay away from some food and softer versions of sweeties, like caramel and gummy candies. This sticky food will glue to your teeth and allow bacteria to go wild in there. Make sure to use mouthwash or at least drink water right after you eat them. Also, coffee and juices contain acids that are quite harmful to teeth. In general, avoid sugar since it is the biggest plaque developer.

See a dentist

Don’t wait for a toothache to visit a dentist, instead make an appointment once a year. However, do not wait if you notice any change like bleeding gums or high sensitivity to cold and hot. These are symptoms for quite serious dental diseases, but if noticed early, they are fairly easy to fix. Regular checkups with your dentist will keep you safe from problems, and you can get more professional tips on how to maintain your gorgeous smile.


With these helpful tips and a bit of discipline, you can have a million dollar smile that will enchant right about everyone. Smile your way in and out of any situation. Be charming, optimistic and laugh a lot, since there is nothing as appealing as self-confidence. If there is something to worry about when it comes to smiling, make sure it is not your teeth, but your smiling wrinkles instead.


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