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Work Appropriate Summer Buys You Can Still Wear in Fall

While work appropriate outfits for summer have always been a bit dicey, it’s not time to pack away your favorite summer pieces just yet! Let summer last a little longer when you try some transitional weather favorites. Summer bleeds into fall just a little bit as the seasons turn, so why shouldn’t your outfits do the same? While sometimes figuring out when to break out the right colors and patterns for the next season can be difficult, read on for some ideas on how to rock fall and summer styles at work simultaneously.

Skirts and Vests

You may love your cute skirts or vests during the summer, but keeping you cool in a warm office isn’t the only thing they’re good for. Choose elevated blouses that have a silky, billowy look to balance the carefree style of a denim skirt, or if you work at a more casual office, wear your vest over a striped pullover or plaid long sleeve for more of a fall look.

Shorts and Tights

It doesn’t get any easier than wearing shorts and tights! You can take a classic pair of shorts and make them winter ready with some opaque tights. While this isn’t an office outfit if you pair it with jean shorts, any of your silkier or satin pleated styles will look perfect. You can up the ante when you wear your shorts with tights that have lace designs or embroidery. Keep this look professional with floral fishnets or elegantly patterned hose.

Bright Pants

Bright pants may be perfect for summer days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring this colorful style into fall for a little while. Make your pair a little more cold weather friendly when you add black and white separates. You could even throw on a cute blazer with embroidered details to elevate this look and make it workplace appropriate. Floral capris can also be made perfect for fall when you pair them with a dark blouse and blazer to complete the look.

Floral Dresses and Blazers

A pretty floral dress or skirt are the epitome of summer (and they’re perfect for the workplace too)! Make your summer dresses a little more fall appropriate with a dark blazer. Counterbalance the bright colors of summer with deeper fall colors like blue, burgundy, and forest green.

For your floral skirts, you don’t need a blazer — a long sleeve button up will be enough. A structured oxford shirt takes you from the playfulness of summer to the seriousness of fall and looks great as a work outfit. As the weather gets cooler, add a neutral blazer over your tailored shirt.

Heeled Loafers & Oxfords

Summer is all about open toed sandals and wedges, but those aren’t always work appropriate. Wear your summer outfits with a change of shoes to bring them into the autumn arena and the office. Loafers are an iconic men’s footwear, but recent years have seen a rise in heeled, women’s loafers. Usually in brown or black, perfect fall colors, you can pair these with dresses, skirts, and satin shorts for a professional fall look.

Dress for the Weather

While fall may have officially started in September, the weather may not show it until later in the year. Keep your fashion trendy and seasonal when you combine summer and fall aesthetics into one!

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