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Simple Changes That Help You Gain More Confidence

Confidence is an important thing that benefits people in life, but many people fall behind and end up with little to no self-confidence. There are many different variables in the world that can bring someone down, and without a solid foundation of confidence, they’ll struggle. Thankfully, there are some amazing and simple changes that will help you gain more confidence.

Get Off Social Media

Social media is an amazing tool that’s only gained more popularity in the last decade or so, but there’s also an incredible number of ways social media can hurt you. One of the biggest ways is through comparison—celebrities rarely put forward their authentic selves on social media, but some pretend they do. Models and millionaires show carefully curated glimpses into their life, and through the act of comparison, using social media can really bring you down. You start to question your own self-worth and your position relative to theirs—a bad habit that can quickly demolish any self-esteem or confidence you have.

If you want to gain more confidence, one of the first things you’ll need to do is get off social media. Or, at the very least, you must learn to look at social media uncritically and just find the things that bring you joy or connect you with your community.

Hack Your Brain

One of the best ways you can gain more confidence is by simply hacking your brain. There are definite strategies to pursue to make yourself more confident in yourself and understand your surroundings better, but there are other ways to trick your brain. For example, consider investing in stones or jewelry that help boost positivity and confidence. Chakra jewelry has numerous mental health benefits, with higher self-confidence being one of them. If you enjoy filling your life with items such as these, you can use these accessories to remind yourself to feel more confident and open.

Physical items are just one of the psychological tricks you can use to hack your brain and make yourself feel more confident. Repeating mantras, being careful with your word choices, and the reversal of negative assumptions are other great ways to hack your brain and make your confidence feel much more natural.

Set Realistic Goals

If you want to build more confidence, you need to set some realistic goals. Tied with social media, some people have unrealistic expectations and are ultimately disappointed when they cannot reach them. If you want to work on your confidence, it’s important that you set some realistic goals. Instead of saying you want to be a millionaire, set the goal of building your craft and finding a career you enjoy. Realistic and attainable goals can put you in a positive mindset where you can accomplish goals rather than focus on failures. Goals can still be challenging and motivate you, and when they’re realistic, you’ll come out on the other side, achieved and confident.

These are a few simple changes that will help you gain more confidence and give you a renewed lease on life. Too much confidence can hurt you, but in the opposite direction, too little confidence is a vicious cycle that keeps bringing you down. Learn more about yourself, find the tools that work for you to build your confidence, and pursue them.

Felicia Priedel
Felicia Priedel
Felicia is a writer living in the Chicagoland area. She's creative, passionate and loves to share her thoughts on being your most authentic self. This is something she hopes to encourage those around her through the thoughtful and engaging pieces she creates. She hopes those around her use this to help them create a more beautiful life.

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