Fashionnova yellow lace romper with yellow thigh high boots


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In my previous post I mentioned wanting to try a pair of white thigh high over the knee Steve Madden boots. But I needed to get my AfterPay balance paid off first. Well, I haven’t exactly paid off my AfterPay balance yet, but I picked up a pair of the Steve Madden boots anyway. Only I bought them in yellow. I saw the yellow and wanted to try a look with yellow thigh high boots more than I wanted to try the white. I still want to try a pair of white thigh high boots but I’ll wait a bit. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a pair when I’m ready.

So, the boots arrived yesterday. And it was such a beautiful sunny day that I could not resist snapping a few pics in advance of today’s planned photo session.

Steve Madden Viktory Over-The-Knee Boot 1Steve Madden Viktory Over-The-Knee Boot Steve Madden Viktory Over-The-Knee Boot Steve Madden Viktory Over-The-Knee Boot

I must confess, I quite like them, although I think silver or gold zipper would have given them a more opulent look than the greenish yellow zipper that was used. Also, they are a bit snug and they don’t slip on with the ease of the perfect glass slipper. But they are fairly comfortable and  they’re so far the easiest to walk in of the thigh high boots I’ve tried in my recent posts. The heel height is 4 inches.

I’m sure yellow thigh high over the knee boots are on a lot of fashion don’t lists. But I might dare to wear these boots outside the house. Why not? Like I always say, it’s my body and it’s my choice to wear whatever the heck I choose to wear.

Fashionnova Lilian yellow lace top romper with Steve Madden viktory yellow thigh high over the knee boots

So, when I knew that I wanted to try the yellow Steven Madden boots, I went looking for something to wear to style the boots.  I settled on a yellow lace top romper from Fashionnova. To be quite honest, the romper looks more greenish yellow than yellow; but it still worked I thought. Maybe it’s too much yellow, but I think yellow shoes work better with a yellow outfit generally.

When I was debating if to buy the boots, I looked at some pictures that were submitted to the Steve Madden website by other people who had purchased the yellow Viktory boots, and I wasn’t sure after looking at the pictures that yellow thigh high boots would be a good idea. They seemed to stand out just a bit too much. But I’m glad I bought them even just to be able to say I had a good time getting dressed up and taking some pictures today. And I had a good time yesterday parading around in the boots. So if I never wear them again they’ve already served me well by providing me two days of photo taking fun.

As for the lace top romper…

The romper also served its purpose. The lace detail was fairly impressive in the photos I took. I  purchased a yellow bodysuit to wear underneath it. If you’re in the habit of not purchasing see through lace tops because they are see through, just buy a sleeveless bodysuit or camisole to wear underneath it. Problem solved.

Fashionnova Lillian Lace romper yellowFashionnova Lillian Lace romper yellow

I’m sure some people will discourage wearing too much yellow, but it just seems to me that the best way to wear yellow shoes, particularly thigh high boots, is with an all yellow or mostly yellow outfit.

So this is how I styled the yellow thigh high over the knee Steve Madden Viktory boots that I purchased from Amazon.

saurbe magazine issue 1000 cover adelamonica If you want to buy a pair for yourself, use this link so I can get a few pennies commission for referring you. It is an affiliate link. Thank you in advance if you choose to use it.

Thanks for reading and watching.

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