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Leopard print Jersey knit bias drape flounce dress

You’re not going to believe it but I’m still singing “Can You Stop the Rain”.  It’s Friday morning. Just finished eating a tiny bowl of cream of wheat. Like less than a half cup of the stuff. Decided to start my daily imaginary shopping and have decided to pretend buy myself this leopard print jersey knit bias drape flounce dress.

Where would I wear this dress? I have no idea. I have no life. I go nowhere. Since I’m only imagining buying it I suppose I can imagine an occasion to wear it. More details about the leopard print jersey knit bias drape flounce dress

What color shoes would I wear with this dress? I like the shoes the model is wearing. I think black would probably be the best color or I could do a shade of brown tan or nude. Red might even work for a vamped up effect depending on the event to be attended. Or maybe a brownish shade of yellow? Don’t know maybe I’ll experiment over on Polyvore.

I’m kind of sleepy even though it’s only 9:32 AM. Didn’t sleep all that soundly. Went to bed late. The fibroids are acting up today. You should see my stomach.

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