How are Oxford shoes for women different from Oxford shoes for men?

The styles are similar of course because Oxford shoes for women borrow their look from the men’s Oxfords. I guess they try to make them a little more girly by giving them a fuller body and softer lines and adding to them aesthetic elements you won’t typically find on a pair of men’s shoes.

How many pairs of Oxford shoes do you have in your closet?

Currently I have zero (0) pairs of Oxford shoes in my closet. But when I was about 11 years old my favorite pair of shoes were a pair of brown Oxfords. They looked so nice on my little feet. Today’s Oxford shoes for women are a lot different from the ones they made back when I was eleven.

These 5 pairs of Oxford shoes for women…

Nicholas Kirkwood Copper Eco-Patent Leather Casati Pearl Derby Shoes
Nicholas Kirkwood Copper Eco-Patent Leather Casati Pearl Derby Shoes

How cute is the heel on this Nicholas Kirkwood Derby shoe? And the copper patent skin isn’t too bad looking either. But these are Derby shoes? How are they Oxford shoes for women?

Derby shoes are members of the Oxford family…

These Nicholas Kirkwood shoes come with a $938 price tag. They’re nice and shiny and cute, but who’s got that kind of money to spend on shoes?

Description via – Copper Eco-Patent Leather Casati Pearl Derby Shoes crafted in glossy vegan patent leather, has a feminine chic attitude with faux-pearl embellishments that lend an eccentric touch to your refined style. Featuring lace-up design, rounded toe, vegan patent leather upper, signature faux-pearls inset at gold-tone heel and leather sole. Made in Italy.

I don’t know that I would have described the pearls in the heel as lending an “eccentric touch”. Then again, if this had never been done before and some regular old person had modified the heels of her shoes and put pearls inside, people might look at her like she was crazy. So maybe eccentric fits.

Marni Tan Leather Lace Up Shoes Fringes

These Marni shoes take Oxfords to a somewhat bizarre level. They’re interesting (?). To be honest I’m not in love with them. I think the fringed flaps are a little wild and crazy. I generally believe that different is good. And these are different. And with the right outfit they can probably make for the perfect pair of shoes if you’re going for a particular look. Would I wear these shoes? I don’t think so. They evoke a strange response in me. They annoy me. Isn’t that odd? I become increasingly annoyed the more I look at these shoes. it’s as if someone comes around you wearing a paper bag on their face and trying to have a conversation with you. And they want you to take what they’re saying seriously while their words are coming at you from underneath a brown paper bag. Hello, take the bleeping paper bag off your face while you’re talking to me!

Description from – Tan Leather Lace Up Shoes w/Fringes crafted in smooth calf leather, takes the corner market in contemporary style with a play on texture that will fit every mood. Featuring lace fastening with fold over fringe detail, square toe, wide welt small stacked heel and leather sole.Made in Italy.

The Marni tan leather lace-up fringed oxfords for women come with a price tag of $758.


Tory Burch Arden Beige and Gold Embroidered Brocade Platform Oxford Shoes

These Tory Burch shoes look more like platform canvas sneakers to me than Oxfords. I don’t really think that just any closed toe lace-up shoe should be referred to as an oxford. These are made of fabric and feature an ornate gold embroidery design. They come with a $395 price tag.

Description via – Arden Beige and Gold Embroidered Brocade Platform Oxford Shoes crafted in fabric with golden embroidery, has an extravagant vibe that lends an eye-catching look and leg-lengthening height to your chic style. Featuring lace-up design, rounded toe, fabric upper/wedge heel with embroidered detailing and rubber sole. Genuine Tory Burch.

They are interesting shoes. I wouldn’t buy them for $395 not because I think they’re not worth that amount but because I don’t love them enough to spend that kind of money. To be honest with you, if they were more than $25 I probably would pass on buying them because, while I think they are interesting and cute, I don’t feel attracted to them. There is no must have impulse.

From the top view these Charlotte Olympia Hoxton Ivory Embossed Leather Platform Shoes look like a Oxfords. But in the below picture of the shoes being worn, they look like spike covered platform heeled leather canvas sneakers.

It’s interesting how things can look so different depending on the angle from which you are viewing them. Would I wear these particular pair of Oxford shoes for women? Well, they’re cute I guess. But all those spikes! I get the feeling the spikes would manage somehow to create problems for me. And somehow I will cut some part of me that makes no sense that I could have cut with the spikes on my sneakers. Like somehow I will end up with a cut on my ear that I got from the spikes on my sneakers.

Description from – Hoxton 40 Espadrille crafted in embossed ivory leather with stud detail, redefines the oxford with a hybrid of cool to accent your wardrobe. Featuring lace up plimsoll with stud detail on seams and contrasting black 40mm espadrille flat form sole. Signature dust bag included. Made in Italy.

The price tag on these Charlotte Olympia spiked oxford style espadrilles is $995

Jil Sander Bronze Leather Platform Oxford Shoe

If these Jil Sander shoes had regular Oxford style heels instead of platform heels, and if they didn’t come with a $795 price tag, I would be seriously interested.

Jil Sander Bronze Leather Platform Oxford Shoe

But I’m not a huge fan of the heel and the sole, although they wouldn’t be deal breakers if the price was right.

Description for – Bronze Leather Platform Oxford Shoe crafted in natural calfskin, takes the classic oxford to new heights and gives your chic look a futuristic vibe. Featuring lace-up design, rounded toe, bronze leather upper, wedge heel and ridged rubber sole. Signature box included.

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