Lavender denim shorts with a nice breezy tank top or comfy t-shirt


For some reason I’ve awoken with the song “Can you Stop the Rain” by Peabo Bryson playing in my head. Don’t ask me why. I’m not going through a break up or anything although the hubby and I are both stressed out right now and I’m feeling a bit blue over the way things are. Anyway I’m browsing for my imaginary outfit to wear around the house this morning and i’ve decided on these lavender denim shorts with a nice breezy tank top.

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I don’t really have anything planned for today. I keep intending to get around to starting the rewrite of my novel but my mind is too unsettled. I can’t write with my life hanging in limbo like it is. I want to feel good and inspired but I don’t really right now. I have this dread thing going on.

Maybe I should just close my eyes and imagine I’m Molly (she’s the heroine in my novel),. In another time and place at this particular hour Molly is getting ready to go to school. She’s doing her hair trying to style it to fit her face so she’ll look pretty enough for Anthony to notice. Anthony is her teacher the hero in my novel.

Oh to be free from mental strain and able to sit and write and disappear into my novel….

Anyway so my imaginary outfit for this morning are the lavender denim shorts with a nice breezy tank top. Maybe this tank top:

More information about ‘A Little R and Arg Top’

Or maybe instead of a nice breezy top I’ll wear this cute t-shirt:

More information about the ‘Unbearably Delicious Tee’

Since I’m home I don’t need to worry about shoes” but just in case I might decide to step out in my imaginary outfit then a nice pair of flip flops or flat sandals would go great with the outfit.

Can You Stop The Rain

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