Yeah, so that moment when you’re sitting at your computer being idle because your mind just refuses to think up anything interesting for you to write, and you end up on a web page with a bunch of pictures of designer bags. You see a picture of a Chanel ice cube bag, and your programmed mind tries to tell you that it’s cute, but you’re just not having any of your programmed mind’s BS because you know deep down it’s just a stupid bag. And it’s really not all that cute at all, and you only want to think it’s cute because you feel like you’re supposed to think it’s cute. Because it’s a Chanel bag, and you’re supposed to act like anything with the name Chanel attached to it is the most fabulous thing ever. But you really don’t give a crap about Chanel anything. And you know it’s insane and ridiculous the way that some women carry on over what amounts to just a stupid bag. So you click away from the damn page because, what they hell are you even doing with your life?

Happy Saturday Janine and Sandra!

Chanel Ice Cube Tote via therealreal
Chanel Ice Cube Tote via

I am looking forward to the upcoming week because I should get everything lined up this week to release a second single from my album. And I should get started on production of the final two songs. These two are among my favorite songs that I’ve written and I can’t wait to record the vocals, get the songs completed and start on the course towards releasing my first album.

This has been an experience of great joy and great pain. Fortunately the joy and the other positives are great enough that they have overridden the pain and the other negatives so far. I can’t speak for what’s to come, but I am ready to face it, whatever it will be.

Detail of bag outside Gabriele Colangelo fashion show building for Milan Womens Fashion Week on FEBRUARY 28 2015 in Milan
37132160 – milan, italy – february 28: detail of bag outside gabriele colangelo fashion show building for milan women’s fashion week on february 28, 2015 in milan – Copyright: tixti / 123RF Stock Photo

Don’t let yourself be tricked into valuing the wrong things in life. I won’t pretend like I’m not going to ever look at a designer bag again and think it’s the cutest thing in the world. I’m sure I will. I’m human; but I hope you guys will remind me that it’s just a stupid bag and things cannot put real and lasting joy into the human heart and soul.



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