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Mid rise cigarette jeans skinny jeans AG Adriano Goldschmied

AG Adriano Goldschmied Womens Prima Mid Rise Cigarette Jean
AG Adriano Goldschmied Women’s Prima Mid Rise Cigarette Jean are described as the “perfect pair of mid-rise skinny jeans”.

Made of 29% Cotton 69% Rayon and 2% Polyurethane these 5-pocket jeans feature tonal stitch and nickel hardware.

Stretch denim with zipper closure.

Suggested to be worn with flats or worn tucked into knee high boots.

Your price: $168

She was walking down the street dressed in her AG Adriano Goldschmied mid rise cigarette jeans, a denim shirt, ugly Christmas sweater, combat boots and a Louis Vuitton bag. The bag didn’t really go with her outfit but she didn’t care. She had felt like being ridiculous. Hence the ugly Christmas sweater. Life sucked. People sucked. More to the point, her ex-boyfriend and her ex-best friend sucked. Cheaters sucked. Betrayal sucked. But whatever. Her cigarette jeans were comfortable. And it was a nice day. She decided to contemplate other things and not give the cheating scumbag and the traitorous fake friend a second thought. Instead she started thinking, cigarette jeans was a stupid name. But her AG Adriano Goldschmied mid rise cigarette jeans fit really nice. She had lost some weight because she’d been depressed and hadn’t eaten much for a couple of weeks since catching them. Could she keep the weight off. It would be great if she could; but she doubted it. It didn’t matter though. She wasn’t one to obsess about weight. She was fine at whatever size, because she knew it was how nature worked. Sometimes you gain weight. Sometimes you lose weight. That’s why she had every kind of jeans in her closet. Cigarette jeans, boyfriend jeans, high rise, mid-rise, mom jeans–she had jeans for every size and shape that her body would take on based on all the things she went through as she cycled through life.

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