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Rich and Skinny black Leather jeans look Legging Marsh Crocodile

Rich & Skinny Leather Legging in Marsh Crocodile

Rich and Skinny black Leather jeans look Legging Marsh Crocodile – Add these sexy black leather legging jeans to your collection.

These black leather leggings have the look of black leather jeans and the fit of leggings.

Made of 42% Lyocell 33% Cotton 15% Rayon 9% Polyester 1% Spandex

Stretch fit skinny cut single button and zip closure

Wear with an oversized top and high heeled ankle booties; or if you’re on a serious mission wear with a fitted top and knee high boots with spiked heels.

Price: $209.00

Product Description from Seller

Rich and Skinny black Leather jeans look Legging Marsh Crocodile

Rich and Skinny is known for their incredibly sexy yet comfortable fits and offers the latest washes in denim in all different hues. Jessica Alba and Rihanna love Rich and Skinny jeans and so will you! Featuring a skinny cut leg and wild coated crocodile print these edgy pants pair well with an oversized graphic tank and black ankle boots!

Delilah wore her rich and skinny black leather leggings with a cut-out body suit top and her favorite faux leather biker jacket and black ankle boots to go out on her second date with Mark. The jeans look leather legging were fitting a little more snugly than usual, particularly in the derriere. And the extra few pounds she’d gained from eating a little too much turkey and pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving meant she wasn’t quite as light on her feet as usual. So the six inch stiletto heels on the ankle boots were just a bit harder to manage pulling off an effortless strut. But she was an experienced model. And if there was one thing at which an experienced model was skilled, it was making it look effortless to strut in ridiculously high heels when it fact it was taking superhuman concentration not to topple over and fall flat on her face. Whether Mark was worth the effort or not she wasn’t sure. Their first date hadn’t exactly been magical. But it also hadn’t been the worst first date ever. She had enjoyed herself enough to agree to a second date. But not so much that she was going into the second date with eager anticipation. She arrived at the restaurant a little bit early, wanting to make sure she looked her best. And to give herself a few minutes to calm her nerves. She ordered a glass of wine and sat at the bar, sipping it and trying to relax. But she couldn’t quite get over feeling like the leather legging look wasn’t as flattering on her with the few extra pounds as it would have been at her normal weight. When Mark arrived, he walked over to her confidently navigating the crowded bar. (to be continued…)
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