Give me 365 days of delights. How awesome would that be? To be guaranteed a pleasant surprise every day for 365 days? But life can’t be awesome every day. So take your good days when you can get them even if they come in the form of free Sephora samples.Sephora Canada

Sephora is holding a special sale event during which you can receive 25 free Sephora samples at a rate of one new trial-size surprise every day just for making a $25 purchase using code 25DELIGHTS.

So does it mean (a) just for buying something for at least $25, you will receive 25 free Sephora samples over 25 days. Or (b) over a 25 day period Sephora is holding a sale wherein, on any of those 25 days where you spend $25 you will get a trial size surprise shipped with your order.

If you read the wording in their banner ad above, it technically is promising that for 25 days after you buy something for $25, you will receive a trial sized surprise. I mean, okay, maybe not technically; but it can be argued that the wording makes it possible to interpret the offer that way, to mean that you will end up with 25 free Sephora samples just for spending at least $25 once during the offer period.

But upon closer inspection, it appears that for you to end up with 25 samples, you actually will have to spend at least $25 on each day of this sale offer. I could be wrong. Please correct me if you know which of the two scenarios is correct. But I am inclined to think that you only get 1 sample per $25 spent.

So do you have to buy something for at least twenty-five dollars 25 times to get your 25 free Sephora samples?

I’m kind of thinking that’s how it works; but like I said, I could be wrong. Depending on how you read the text of the offer, you might come away thinking that you only have to make a $25 purchase once to qualify for the 25 free Sephora samples. But I’m pretty sure that is not the case. You will not receive in the mail a package from Sephora every day for 25 days just for purchasing something for $25. Although that would be pretty nice wouldn’t it?

The real question is, do you get a free sample for every additional $25 spent?

So if you spend $125 today, do you get just one free sample today or do you get 5 free samples. I sent off an email to Sephora asking this question and also asking for clarification on whether you get 25 free Sephora samples for spending $25 just once (because, you know, it’s the holidays and they want to make you happy because, well, they love you), or if you have to end up spending a total of $625 to actually walk away with 25 free trial-sized sample products. I will update this post with their response if ever received.

Whatever the case, their offer is valid only while supplies last. And quantities are limited.

So go on over to Sephora and pick up that item you were planning on buying anyway, and claim your free sample at the same time using code 25DELIGHTS.

Yes, I bought something for myself…

Because I am silly like that, I actually initially thought Scenario A was what Sephora was offering. And for that reason I decided to make a purchase because the idea of receiving a package in the mail every day for 25 days with a beauty product sample was exciting to me. I see you rolling your eyes. Be careful they don’t get stuck in the back of your head. 🙂 🙂

So what did I purchase when I thought for a minute that I would be getting 25 free Sephora samples as a thank you for spending $25?

I wanted to try Fenty Beauty by Rihanna foundation but they didn’t have my shade. They haven’t had my shade since the line dropped. Yeah, I did. I used the term “dropped”. Since the Fenty beauty foundation became available for purchase, my shade has been selling out before I’ve been lucky to get at it. So I bought myself one of FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color and a FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110.

Sephora free samples 25 delights sale event - free Sephora samples 

I know, I was just complaining in another post that I don’t have any money, and I don’t. Literally. I’m in so much debt I am stressed out every day worrying about how I am going to get out of debt. This was an irresponsible episode of impulse shopping. And for what? Let’s pretend like Sephora was indeed being unprecedentedly magnanimous and offering to incur shipping costs to ship out a tiny trial-sized sample to you every day for 25 days just for you spending $25. Would that be enough of a reason for someone who is buried in debt to increase their debt by $61? To get 25 free Sephora samples? To get a teeny tiny package in the mail every day for 25 days that has a teeny tiny sample of a beauty product that they would never know if the product works or not because you can’t know if a product works if you can only use it one time?

But Sephora is not being unprecedentedly magnanimous. So I have essentially spent $61 to get a trial size product sample. And with my luck, it will be a perfume sample. And I do not wear perfume. But at least I’ll get a new foundation brush. And I’ll get to try the FENTY BEAUTY lipstick, which I wanted to try anyway, although I haven’t seen people my age represented in anything FENTY Beauty related, so I don’t know if we’re included in Rihanna’s statement of wanting everyone to feel included. It almost seems like FENTY BEAUTY is a brand for the under 30 crowd. But that is neither here nor there.

If you shop Sephora and you intend to buy yourself a few goodies over the holidays, remember to enter code 25DELIGHTS at checkout to get a free sample with your order of $25 or more.

Note: links in this post are affiliate links. I thank you sincerely for visiting Sephora via one of the affiliate links in this post. The referral will result in a small commission which can help me in my quest to keep this blog afloat.


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