The great thing about imaginary shopping is you can buy whatever you see that you like and want. Your imaginary bank account is bottomless. With that in mind I should probably head on over to where they sell dresses for $5000 but I hope if I ever am in a position to afford to spend $5000 on a dress I wouldn’t do it unless I had a very good reason. I mean $5000 for a dress that’s ridiculous to me.

I’ve seen this Black and white polka dot silk georgette sheath dress before and liked it. I don’t have any black and white polka dot dresses in my closet. Come to think of it I don’t think I have any kind of polka dot anything in my closet.

I saw a similar dress to this in a video with Emmy Rossum. She was showing what she has in her closet. I liked the dress and that’s how I first came across this dress. I went looking for alternatives to Emmy Rossum’s black and white polka dot dress because hers was by some major designer and cost a couple thousand dollars.

More information about the black and white polka dot silk georgette sheath dress

I figure black shoes would be the best choice of color shoes to wear with this dress. The question is what style of shoes?

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