Can you wear a blue coat with a purple dress?

adelamonica purple blue faux leather trench pantent thigh high boots 9
adelamonica blue faux leather trench coat purple dress boots 8

2022 blue coat with purple dress photo update – wearing a blue faux leather trench coat from Fashion Nova with purple patent thigh high boots (also from Fashion Nova) and a purple dress (the Fashion Nova dress is actually a hot pink underlay with a royal blue mesh overlay which gives it the appearance of purple).

Blue and purple - do they go together?

Wondering if you can wear a blue coat with a purple dress? We think you definitely can. Blue and purple work together quite nicely. To illustrate we’ve created a mock rendering of a model wearing a purple Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Dress with a blue McQ Alexander McQueen Belted model blue coat purple dress copy 2

The color purple contains blue so it makes sense that blue and purple would compliment each other.

If blue and purple are your favorite colors and you’re wanting to wear them together but you’re not sure how best to combine them, you can play it safe and just wear a purple top with blue jeans; or a blue denim shirt with purple jeans/pants/skirt. Denim is pretty safe to pair with anything.

But we don’t think you need to play it safe when it comes to wearing blue with purple. We think the two colors work very well together and you can approach styling with blue and purple without fear.

The outfit details

Our photoshop created model is wearing a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress with an Alexander McQueen coat. The dress can be purchased via It comes with a $543 price tag. But if you’re lucky you might be able to get it at a 30% discount. It is currently (as of this posting) on sale for $380.00

Purple Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress - blue and purpleThe dress is made of 100% viscose. Style can take you from the office to the lounge for drinks.


royal blue mcq Alexander McQueen belted coat - blue and purpleThe coat is a gorgeous royal blue belted coat from MCQ Alexander McQueen. It’s made of 70% Triacetate and 30% Polyester. It’s a slim fit coat that’s intended to fall to about mid-calf. Additional features include pointed collar and lapels, belted waist, flap pockets.

The coat ordinarily comes with a $1,365 price tag, but is currently on sale (1/4/106) at for $955. You save $410.00.


The Question: Can you wear a blue coat with a purple dress?

Our Answer: Yes, you can wear a blue coat with a purple dress. Blue and purple go together well.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.


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