Not another thigh high boots over the knee boots post! Yep. It’s another thigh high boots over the knee boots post from me. This time I’m reviewing a pair of boots I purchased from Dolls Kill. These are a pair of black stretchy vegan leather boots that looked pretty sleek and caught my attention. So I bought I pair to do an outfit post.

Black thigh high boots over the knee vegan leather stretchy Dolls Kill Mindful Azalea Wang thigh high boots

Let’s get straight to the review: The Dolls Kill price tag for these boots is $100. They were on sale for $50. With taxes and shipping I paid $63.18. Even at that price they are cheap to people with money, I know. I’m not someone with money, so if I’m going to pay that amount for anything I want to come away feeling like it’s worth that amount of money. I can’t say that I feel like these boots are worthy of the $100 price tag.


 AZALEA WANG Mindful Thigh High Boots black over the knee boots front view

I suppose the vegan leather feature is the justification for the price tag, but I feel like these boots are going to tear if I’m not extra careful while putting and that, to me, makes them super cheap. I’d say they shouldn’t cost more than $30 if that much.

 AZALEA WANG Mindful Thigh High Boots black over the knee boots back view

Over all the boots look okay until they start slouching. And boy do they slouch. They simply will not stay up unless your thighs are thick enough to keep them up or you don’t devise a way to keep them up. Otherwise they will slouch to knee high height and even below the knee. I had to sew inconspicuous hooks into the sides and insert a string to keep up the boots for my first day of filming.

how to keep your thigh high boots from slouching

These are supposed to be mid-thigh boots, but I had to pull them up to where my thighs were thickest to hold them in place, even with the device I constructed to hold them up.

I did my filming on Friday and Saturday. I did not need to use the string device to hold up the boots on Saturday because my thighs were thicker thanks to water retention issues, but the boots still had to be pulled all the way up, and they did still keep falling and slouching and constantly needing to be pulled back up. Just not not as much as on the day before when there was just no way to keep them from falling below my knees without the string laced through the hooks that I sewed into the sides then pulled up under the legs of my shorts and crisscrossed and tied around my waist. I know they sell things I could use that I could have clipped to the boots and the shorts, but I didn’t have any such things on hand, so I had to improvise. (See the end of this post for steps in case you’re in a pinch and nothing else is working. I’m pretty certain there are plenty of other less ridiculous ways. But in case none of the less ridiculous ways are working, you can try my way.)

Basically, you’ll have a less annoying time with these boots if your thighs are a little thicker around mid-thigh than the circumference of the boot opening.


 AZALEA WANG Mindful Thigh High Boots black over the knee boots front view

How do the boots fit?

I wear size 8.5 and I bought size 8.5. They fit pretty comfortably.  They were pretty easy to walk in. I’m not sure of the heel height, but according to my measurement it’s about 4.5 inches. But they don’t feel terribly high to walk in. I feel like I could do a ten minute  walk around the neighborhood without experiencing too much difficulty. But that’s just a feeling. I didn’t actually take a ten minute walk around the neighborhood in the boots so I could be wrong. Maybe that will be something to put to the test.



How I styled the Boots

AZALEA WANG Mindful Thigh High Boots black over the knee boots


  • Fashionnova I’m Better Off Corset Top – Black – $14.99
  • Fashionnova Run This Town Faux Leather Shorts – Black – $12.99
  • My mother’s costume bangle bracelets
  • Part from a Fashionnova body chain I bought which I’ll try out in another post soon
Adelamonica Fashionnova black long sleeve corset button front top faux leather shorts

How to keep your thigh high boots from slouching

how to keep your thigh high boots from slouching 2

How to keep your thigh high boots from slouching

I figured I’d add this to the post in case someone is looking for a way to keep their boots from slouching who doesn’t have the time to go out and purchase something. I’m sure there are plenty of ideas out there. I’m adding mine with the disclaimer that it worked for me but I’m not going to promise it will work for you. **This will only work if you’re wearing shorts or a skirt. It will not work with long pants.

You will need:

  • Needle and thread
  • Black string
  • Scissors
  1. Cut a piece of string into four equal pieces of about an inch in length
  2. Fold the string so that the ends touch to make a loop and sew into the sides of the boots as shown in the picture below. how to keep your thigh high boots from slouchingKeep in mind that you don’t want to sew through to the outside of the boots so if there’s not a way for you to sew the strings into the sides of the boots without sewing through the boot fabric and making it noticeable on the outside, don’t use this method.
  3. Once you have four loops sewn into the inside sides of your boots, take another piece of string that’s long enough to loop through both boots, get pulled up under your skirt or shorts, and tied around your waist, and do exactly that–pull the string through the loops of the boots and up under your skirt or shorts then tie it around your waist

Final thoughts about the Azalea Wang black vegan leather Mindful thigh high boots

The boots are okay. They’re quite comfortable as far as the fit and the ability to walk in the heels. They are frustrating in the way they slouch and have to be pulled up all the time. Because of how high up I have to pull them, they can really only be worn with a very short skirt or short shorts if the objective is to show off the boots. Otherwise they will be partially hidden underneath even mid-thigh length clothing. That of course will vary depending on your height. I could see myself trying another pair in a different color to do another outfit post; but I doubt that I will buy another pair of these. I think they are very much overpriced.

Thanks for reading. I hope this review was helpful.


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