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A day of hell in a pair of H&M black leather ankle boots

I bought these shoes last year and wore them once. The experience was horrific enough that I never wore them again. But today I decided to give them another try. After all they are my only pair of real leather ankle boots and although they were cheap by some girls’ standards they weren’t cheap by mine. But this was the second and last time that my H&M black leather ankle boots will ever get worn. The experience today was even more horrific than the first time around. I had to have someone come out to meet me with a pair of sneakers. I was in such excruciating pain for the couple hours I had to endure the shoes before the sneakers arrived I wanted to cry. The shoes are my right size so it wasn’t a matter of them being too small. They were just too hard. It was like I imagine it would feel to walk many miles in shoes fashioned out of planks. They torture the bottoms of your feet. It was hellish.

h&m black leather ankle boots on floor

I had even removed the tongues from a pair of sneakers and inserted them into the boots but they provided no cushioning for the bottoms of my feet. And I think even if I might have had gel insoles or something similar it would still have been a bad experience. The heels on the boots are only about 2 inches and they are chunky but the boots were still difficult to walk in. In my experience it’s very difficult to find comfortable heeled shoes. Off the top of my head I can think of only one pair of heeled shoes I’ve ever owned that were really and truly comfortable. They were a pair of Nine West sandals. They had such soft cushioning it was amazing; and the heel height was just right in the front and back. I guess part of the reason they were as comfortable as they were was the rubber on the soles. And I guess it would be an eye sore to have rubber on the soles of certain types of shoes. But my gosh–shoes should never be allowed to cause such torture.

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