I haven’t written a yay or nay post in a while. So let me try to make up for it by doing a yay or nay post on this yellow plaid coat from the Michael Kors Collection

Michael Kors yellow plaid coat with faux fur collar
Michael Kors yellow plaid coat with faux fur collar – image via ModaOperandi.com

The Michael Kors Collection yellow plaid coat is featured in the modaoperandi Fall/Winter 2018 runway editorial which you can find here. It (the coat) comes with a $3,850 price tag. It’s 100% virgin wool, and the color is described as marigold/multi.

Plaid can often be drab and uninteresting with designers often going with the same red plaid, brown plaid, gray and black plaid, so this yellow plaid coat caught my attention by being so strikingly bold. Would I pay $3,850 for it? I can think of smarter things to do with $3,850. But I do like the look of the coat and would certainly wear it given the opportunity to own it without having to fork over $3,850.

So where can you buy a yellow plaid coat for an affordable price?

A quick search of Google Shopping turned up a few options.

If you don’t mind preowned/used clothing, this peacoat was available for sale at poshmark.com when I checked just now. Of course by the time you read this it might no longer be available, so don’t say I told you it was available when it wasn’t. It was available as of the time I checked Google Shopping while writing this post.

A preowned yellow plaid coat for sale $19 – Image via poshmark.com

Looks to be a very similar color plaid to the featured Michael Kors Collection coat. It’s a peacoat so it’s a completely different style, but the plaid is very similar.

There were some other yellow plaid coats that weren’t necessarily similar in the style and yellow color of the plaid, but they were still yellow plaid coats. So if you’re keen to get a yellow plaid coat for the 2018 fall/winter season, try searching on Google shopping.

I personally don’t really need a yellow plaid coat. Although if someone gave me the Michael Kors coat I’m sure I’d manage to get some wears out of it.

So what do you say? Yay or Nay? Would you spend $3,850 to buy this Michael Kors coat?


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