Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Wait, people still have a problem with interracial dating?

Apparently people still have a problem with interracial dating. More shockingly, there’s still such a terminology as “interracial dating”. People still have time to notice and care when two humans in a relationship aren’t from the same so-called racial background.

Do you have a problem with interracial dating?

I’m not going to weigh in on this topic. That will be my contribution to the discussion. I’m removing myself from the conversation because I’m at a different stage of life. I’ve been there and done that with the love thing and I understand that life is about much more. I simply can’t relate with young love problems any more.

I’ll say this though, I’m married and my spouse is not the same race as I am. But I’ve never considered myself to be in an interracial relationship. I’ve always had a problem with applying that term to my relationship because it has simply never been relevant. But I appreciate that not everybody in a relationship with someone from a different racial background chooses not to make a big deal about it.

Personally I think it’s as much a problem for people in relationships that are considered interracial to act like it’s a significant point as much as it’s a problem for outside observers to act like it matters.

At the end of the day people are people. The racial makeup of a couple shouldn’t be relevant and shouldn’t get a separate classification and categorization as if it’s unique from any other configuration of pairings.

It stuns me to discover this is even still a thing. But I guess it’s not as much a thing as back in the day. I did read some stats saying that it’s not that big a deal to most Americans any more. Some do still have objections, and some of the arguments against it make sense, like when people consciously set out to choose someone “because” of their race and because they think that being with someone from a different race enhances them in some way. But overall, people seem to be coming around to realizing there are a million other more important things for us to be worrying about.

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