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Sheer leopard-print shirt-100% cotton

This would go perfectly with some black trousers and black pumps or maybe leopard print pumps or maybe even red pumps?

Or maybe khaki or brown pants would work better than black? Guess it would depend on where you’re going.

Animal print takes confidence to wear usually. So do sheer tops and this is a sheer top so even while I like it and would buy it I’d probably only throw it on some day when I feel like dressing up and taking pictures of myself.

Here’s an outfit idea with the top and some $500 leather pants $700 bangle bracelet and $1200 leather hobo bag.

Sheer animal print top

Prices of Items in set

  • Sheer top” $35
  • Current/Elliott leather pants” $556
  • C Label open toe high heels” $52
  • Marni genuine leather handbag” $1 ,240
  • Yves Saint Laurent cuff bangle” $698
  • Boho earrings” $32
  • Yochi layered necklace” $72
  • Versace shield sunglasses” $500

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