Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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1930s-inspired navy hat from ModCloth – A Sun Hat Called Desire

I don’t see myself sitting under a tree in the park being whispered into a “drowsy languor” by “heavy rays of sun” while wearing this hat. I see myself strolling through a beautiful garden on a perfectly lovely day bright skies cool temperatures.

navy paper hat - a sun hat called desire

I’m wearing a long cotton dress that feels nice and soft and keeps me cool and I’m feeling wonderfully happy. I’m twenty and I’m still a virgin. There has been no Pierre no Mr. Nameless because oh my god did I really let that (grimace of shame inducing), creature take my virginity? What was wrong with me? Oh yeah that never happened. I’m twenty and I’m still a virgin and I’m walking through a beautiful garden wearing my cute 100% paper hat that only cost me $25 which I happened to have and was able to buy my hat because I didn’t eff the crap out of my life and end up a grown adult woman who can’t even afford a $25 hat. (In reality I don’t really own this hat. I actually don’t have the $25 for it.),

A Sun Hat Called Desire – purchase details

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