So I have decided I want to try to make a dress because why not right? I keep looking for things to grab my interest so I can start on the “Monica’s Closet” life transformation through fashion project; but everything I like is way out of my budget. I came across a Saint Laurent Tiered Babydoll Dress today and really liked it but I don’t have the $4,217 needed to obtain it.

Tonal brown silk tiered babydoll dress from Saint Laurent

Seller says…

Tonal brown silk tiered babydoll dress from Saint Laurent featuring a band collar, a silver-tone stud detailing, cap sleeves, a rear keyhole detail, a ruffled design, a straight hem and a leopard print.

PRICE: $4,216.91Buy It!

I am still working on discovering what works for me and what doesn’t. I really should already know. After all I’m well past the age to be still discovering myself; but life can throw you for a loop sometimes and in the process it can change you physically from what you were before it took you on a horrifying ride through the eye of a tornado. So here I am trying to figure out how to dress so that I can look and feel my best; but every time I come across something in a style of clothing that I think would suit me it costs way too much money. Since I am already in the habit of cutting up bedsheets and making dresses out of them I figured maybe I should try to make clothes similar to the styles I like but can’t afford. By the way making dresses out of bedsheets is something I discovered today I am not the only person who does.

WIKI HOW – How to Make a Dress from a Fitted Bedsheet

How to make a dress from a fitted bedsheet wiki how image
How to make a dress from a fitted bedsheet – Image via available under a Creative Commons License

And Bedsheet Maxi Dress

Admittedly my bedsheet dresses don’t look quite so professional as all I do is just cut a hole for the neck and call it a caftan style dress. If I’m feeling ambitious I might run a drawstring through the neck so I can also use it as a skirt. I like to be nice and loose and comfortable, and I also like tiered dresses, which is why I think I like the Saint Laurent dress. It’s tiered and it looks like it’s nice and loose and comfortable; but I couldn’t find anything similar to it in my affordable price range so I thought about fashioning one using skater skirts. And I came up with this design below.

Picture of a tiered dress mocked up in photoshop from a tiered skirt

I found a leopard print skater skirt on Amazon and used it to fashion the above dress in photoshop. I was seriously going to buy 5 of the leopard print skater skirts and try to turn them into this dress but I figured it would be cheaper to just try to make a similar dress from scratch.

The Skirt used to fashion the photoshop mock up of the above leopard print tiered dress

Crazy Girls Womens Ladies Belted Skater Pleated Jersey Plain Leopard Party Skirt

Seller says…

  • Ladies Belted Skater Flared Pleated Plain Leopard Skirt
  • Length…40 cm (Approx.)
  • 95% Polyester 5% Elastane
  • Wetlook Skater Skirt With Elasticated Waiste Band
  • Standard Sizes – S/M-US4/6 & M/L-US8/10
PRICE: $15.00 Buy It!

The crepe de chine shimmer salmon fabric

crepe de chine shimmer salmon fabric

This is a picture of the swatch of the fabric I purchased from I ordered 8 yards. I figure that should be enough. And I also ordered some woven braid trim in case I should want to trim the collar edge. I placed the order today so I still have to wait for the items to arrive before I can get started on my tiered dress attempt. Considering I don’t really sew per se this should be interesting. I don’t have a sewing machine and don’t know how to use one anyway; but I’ve made hand-sewn clothing for myself before. I have no idea how I will make a tiered dress from scratch; but we shall see what happens.

Another possible style for my tiered dress made in photoshop using a picture of a coral skater skirt.

tiered dress mock up for crepe de chine shimmer salmon fabric

The skirt used for the dress mock-up

Crazy Girls Womens Ladies Belted Skater Pleated Jersey Plain coral Party Skirt

PRICE: $14.00 Buy It!



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