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How expensive is too expensive for a single pair of panties?

I came across the Man Repeller blog today. I was looking up the term “too ugly for fashion”. I’ve been wanting to write an article about fashion and beauty. I’m particularly interested in exploring two aspects of the subject. The attitude of other people in society towards fashion conscious women who are classified unattractive whether it’s because of their face or their body or both; and whether the attitude of women who couldn’t care less about fashion is dictated in part by how they feel about their looks.

Okay, but what does that have to do with expensive panties?”

The process that lead me to the Man Repeller blog started earlier this morning with me typing into Google “I’m ugly why bother with fashion?” to see what I would turn up. I came across a pretty funny article on Huffington Post which I read thinking it was written by a woman only to realize near the end it was actually a man writing about his experience. For some reason it made the article a little less funny knowing it was about a man and not a woman; but I should probably get to the point of the panties.

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After reading the very interesting “Man Repeller” post titled “Why I Don’t Wear Makeup” which I came across as a result of googling the term “too ugly for fashion”, I was intrigued to read more from the Man Repeller blog so I did some browsing. And in the process of browsing I came across a post titled “Going Almost-Commando“. After reading that I started to think to myself that I should probably invest in some panties. So I clicked through to learn more about Ten Undies, which is the brand referenced in the “Going Almost-Commando” post. The panties are nice; but do I need panties that badly that I’ll consider spending $42 for a single pair of panties? I guess $42 is cheap even for a pair of panties; and I should be embarrassed to be complaining, but I don’t know. I mean, panties are kind of like shoes I guess. You’ll spend the extra money for the comfort; but that’s if you have the extra money to spend. And in the case of the panties you’re not guaranteed the fit and comfort. You can’t try panties before you buy them like you can shoes.

How expensive is too expensive for a single pair of panties?

These Agent Provocateur black guipure lace gold zips chain embellished Zindie briefs come with a $709 USD price tag (purchase via agentprovocateur.com). So yeah, complaining about a $42 price tag for a pair of panties when there are panties that are way more than ten times more expensive seems silly. But I would have to agree with what this person writes on Yahoo in answer to the question “how much should you spend on a pair of panties

3 euro and 50 cent is the most I’ve ever paid for a pair. A pair of knickers at 30 quid would have to do ”special” things for me to buy them at that price..

It’s really all about where you stand on the economic ladder I guess. Obviously $42 is cheap for a lot of women and women like myself complaining about spending $42 on a pair of panties will seem cheap or like we can’t appreciate quality. Ten Undies underwear seem to have a good rep from everything I’ve read about them today. But for $42 you can get 20 decent panties if you buy a 5 pack of say Hanes or a similar brand at ten bucks per pack. Sure it would be cool to be able to shell out the $42 bucks per panty in the hope of experiencing the promised higher level of comfort and nicer fit; but for some of us a $42 panty is like a $2000 bag. It doesn’t make good economic sense to buy 1 panty for that amount when you consider the status of our bank account. Shop affordable women’s underwear on amazon.com

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