Long silky hair is what sells I’m told

Is short natural hair keeping you from achieving the level of success you might with long silky hair?


Happy Thursday to all you beautiful ladies and gentlemen. Wishing you all the best in everything that you do. Please remember that you deserve everything your heart desires, whether you have long silky hair, or you’re bald, or the length of your hair is an eighth of an inch and coarse. 🙂 As you know, I am working on my debut album. I have released the first single from my upcoming album and I would like to invite you to take a listen and let me know what you think. It’s free to download the song using the CD Baby music player below. If you’re feeling generous and would like to help me raise funds to complete my album, then you can use this iTunes link to download the song for 99 cents -> Baby Thanks a Million – Single – Adelamonica. If you don’t use itunes, the song is also on Amazon music, google play, spotify and other locations.

I am very happy that I have released my first single. I am now working hard to promote it and to promote my album project as a whole. And I have to made a decision about my signature “look”. Which brings me to the point of this post.

Someone told me that long silky hair is what sells…

She meant well and was just giving me her honest opinion. And at the end of the day she’s probably right that long silky hair is what sells, and that I will be risking my brand by going with my natural hair as my signature look. But I have decided that it’s important for me to stay true to myself and my beliefs.

There’s nothing wrong with wigs. I’ll still wear wigs for fun and to change things up from time to time, but:

  • I do not want to contribute my voice to any conversation that suggests there is a type of hair that is “ideal” and a type of hair that is not ideal.
  • I do not want to contribute my voice to any conversation that suggests a woman’s worth is enhanced by having long silky hair and compromised by having short coarse hair.
  • In my real life I don’t wear wigs. I only use wigs when I’m doing photo shoots for the blog.
  • I find wigs annoying and uncomfortable generally
  • I am more comfortable with my natural hair
  • I like my hair short
  • I like how I look with a short natural style

So even if it might be true that from a marketing perspective and because the world is what it is, long silky hair is what sells, I have decided to that I cannot and will not be a contributor to the continuation of the practice of exalting certain physical characteristics over others.

adelamonica white jumpsuit

I respect everyone’s right to believe what they chose to believe and to do whatever they choose to do with their lives. I know there are a lot of young girls growing up who are unhappy because the people around them and the people in society in general have directly or indirectly made them feel like their hair is not good enough. I am not silly enough to think I can convince anyone subscribing to the belief that some hair is good, better and best, to stop. But I do think we will never reach our potential as a species until we recognize and do away with these embarrassing contradictions of our intelligence.

Peace to all. Love yourself and everything that makes you uniquely you.


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