Discovered Cult Gaia Handbags on ModaOperandi while browsing. The bags are cute. I can definitely appreciate the effort to be different. Fashion should be fun. And these bags seem to be more about fun than they are about function.

Cult Gaia handbags Lilith bag
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Apparently this Lilith Cult Gaia handbag has generated a following on Instagram. It’s a cute bag, but to me it kind of just looks like a bag-shaped basket. And what would I even be able to carry in it?  I guess you wouldn’t carry anything loose in a bag like this. Your stuff would have to go into a pouch that you carry inside the bag.

The Luna version of Cult Gaia handbags
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The Luna bag is probably the style I like best of the Cult Gaia handbags that I’ve seen on ModaOperandi; but the same question comes up in my mind as with the Lilith bag. What could I possibly carry in this bag?

I’m all for cute but when it comes to handbags, I do need my bags to be functional. So I would probably only buy a bag like this to use as a prop when taking photos to use in blog posts.

Cult Gaia Handbags are at least affordable…

With prices ranging from $130 – $220 (At ModaOperandi), Cult Gaia handbags at least won’t require you to be a multi-millionaire to be able to afford to get your hands on one. But if you’re not doing well enough to be able to afford to buy a bag you might end up never using, you might want to dig around to find out what people are saying about Cult Gaia handbags and whether or not they actually work the way you expect bags to work, as in, you can effectively and comfortable carry around the stuff you need to take with you wherever you are going.

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