Katarzyna ‘Cate’ Chocyk shows us how to wear leopard print pants


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Katarzyna Chocyk is a beautiful fashion blogger from Poland who blogs via the website catewalk.com. Cate created her blog back in June 2012 for the purpose of sharing her love of fashion, travel and life with the rest of us. Here, Cate shows us how to wear skinny fit leopard print pants and look effortlessly chic doing it.

Katarzyna Chocyk black cropped H & M sweater Zara leopard print skinny pants zara sandals

Skinny fit pants can be tricky to pull off depending on your body type. When those skinny fit pants come in a leopard print lots of girls will shy away from wearing them, even if the style flatters their body type. That’s because leopard print pants not only need to fit right they also need to be styled right to be flattering.

Katarzyna Chocyk leopard print leggings black top

Cate is wearing a pair of Zara leopard print pants with a black cropped sweater from H&M, and a pair of black sandals also from Zara. She’s carrying an oversized black clutch purse (Antbag by Ania). Her accessories include a gold cuff bracelet and a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. By our book Cate definitely gets everything right down to her perfectly done toenails. We know sometimes ladies step out in sandals without making sure their toenails are properly clipped; and some even step out without removing fading toe paint or touching up their polish. (Okay, that’s me in a nutshell)

Katarzyna Chocyk Zara leopard print pants H-M black cropped sweater Zara sandals oversized envelope clutch

Katarzyna Chocyk Zara leopard print pants H-M black cropped sweater Zara sandals oversized envelope clutch purse

For more pics of Cate in this outfit check out her post Moda z wybiegów: panterka. For pics of Cate in other outfits visit her website catewalk.com Cate’s photos are used with permission and were taken by her photographer Norbert.

Copy Cate’s look – How to wear leopard print pants the high end version

How to wear leopard print pants the high end version

This look is for ladies who prefer to shop the high end designer brands. The suggested pieces include a pair of leopard print pants from Moschino Cheap & Chic ($509). The pants are straight leg pants that have a little bit more of a loose-fit than Cate’s Zara pants.

The top is a black cashmere blend cropped sweater from Isabel Marant ($723.24). It’s cropped with short sleeves and a ribbed hem and cuffs.

The shoes are a pair of Saint Laurent black leather ankle cuff sandals ($895).

The purse is a Black calfskin oversized clutch from The Row.

The cuff bracelet is a Gold plated ‘Surfing Mimosa’ cuff from Aurelie Bidermann ($1,001.00) and the sunglasses are a pair of Silver-tone titanium aviator sunglasses from Linda Farrow.

Farfetch.com (US)

Copy Cate’s look – How to wear leopard print pants the budget version

How to wear leopard print pants the budget version

For ladies who cannot afford to shop at high end boutiques online or in person, Cate is wearing affordable pieces herself so you can see for yourself that you don’t really need super expensive clothes to be fashionable.

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