We are in love with ‘The Biker Jacket‘ from Burberry Prorsum. Unfortunately it comes with a $4295 price tag so we can’t afford it. But we thought we’d have some fun coming up with ideas for how we would wear it if we did own one.

Burberry prorsum the biker jacket outfit idea how to wear styleIn this first look we are wearing our Burberry Prorsum biker jacket over a Burberry Prorsum dress. The dress is a sheer flocked polka dot tulle dress. It’s described as being forest green in color but it looks black to us. Since it’s sheer we’re going to wear black leggings under it. We didn’t add anything to wear on top but a black tank top could work if you’re not one to go out with wearing a dress that’s see through on top.

Or in lieu of leggings and a tank top you could just wear a black tank style body suit.

The shoes we’ve selected are also from Burberry Prorsum. They are black suede cutout ankle boots.

The leggings are from Rick Owens and the bag is from Tanya Taylor.

Items roundup

  • Burberry Prorsum The Biker Jacket – $4295
  • Burberry Prorsum Forest Green Flocked Polka Dot Dress – $3295
  • Rick Owens Lilies Black Wool Angora Blend Leggings – $440
  • Tanya Taylor Molly Mongolian Fur Bag In Black – $995
  • Burberry Suede Cut-Out Ankle Boots – $1050

Outfit #2 – How to wear your Burberry Prorsum Biker Jacket

Burberry prorsum the biker jacket how to wear style outfit ideaIn this next look we wear our Burberry Prorsum Biker Jacket over a black turtleneck sweater from Martin Grant. We wear the Martin Grant sweater with a pair of Frame Denim skinny jeans.

To finish the look we add a pair of Proenza Schouler black leather knee high boots and a Mansur Gavriel black leather canvas mini backpack.

More on the looks

Look number one would probably be more appropriate for ladies in their twenties who are still young and carefree, especially if you are going to wear the Burberry Prorsum dress without a tank top or camisole or other item underneath.

Look number two better suits the 25 and over crowd.

You can purchase the Burberry Prorsum biker jacket along with the other featured items at Moda Operandi.

Ask the Editor

How many Burberry items do you have in your closet and what are they?

Editor’s Response: Are you talking to me? Burberry? Do you see the price tags that come with the name Burberry? Those aren’t prices I can afford to pay for items of clothing at this point in time.

If you ever find yourself able to pay $4295 for a jacket would you do it?

Editor’s Response: That’s a tough question. If I had the kind of money that would make buying a $4295 jacket a non-issue I would probably buy the jacket if I liked it so much that I felt I had to have it. I don’t think the concept of expensive is the same for rich people as for poor people–especially rich people who have always been rich. $4295 means something completely different for these people from what it means for a poor person. For them it’s a normal price. It’s normal for clothes to cost that kind of money. For me, I have a lifetime of conditioning to regard $4295 as an obscenely outrageous price to pay for a piece of clothing. So it might be difficult to spend that amount of money on a jacket even if I suddenly found myself able to afford it. But I think if I really loved it and wanted it badly enough I could overcome my sense of outrage.

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