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Petra Karlsson – the perfect mix of style and beauty

Petra Karlsson is a Swedish teenager who shares snippets of her life in pictures via her blog petrakarlsson.se. Petra has a classic beauty and a simple style that has earned her the admiration of fans across the globe who follow her on Instagram and facebook and via other social media channels. Athletic (she plays soccer) and fearless (see her skydiving video), Petra has a look of old Hollywood glamor that is easy to envy, but in her video clips, her personality seems so down-to-earth, fun and approachable that you can’t help but be charmed and inspired.

Petra Karlsson wearing white tank top and red print skirt

Looking through the pictures on Petra’s blog one thing is clear. She has great style. She knows how to take affordable pieces and create outfits that look like they belong in the pages of fashion catalogs. Of course she does have the benefit of having a great figure and a gorgeous face; and no doubt she would look fantastic wearing a brown paper bag. But lucky for her fans, she loves fashion and has turned that love into a showcase of beautiful photos of herself wearing things more interesting than a brown paper bag.

Petra Karlsson wearing skinny jeans white top blue denim jacket black ankle boots white bag

Petra Karlsson – the perfect mix of style and beauty

Petra Karlsson wearing Sheinside Jacket H-M pants Choies shoes Sheinside bag March 2014

In this photo from earlier in 2014 Petra is wearing a jacket from Sheinside over a white top with print pants from H & M and shoes from Choies. She is carrying a bag from Sheinside.

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Petra Karlsson wearing Frontrowshop shorts Chicwish shoes h-m top romwe jacket

Petra shows off her great legs in a pair of green print shorts from Frontrowshop which she wears with a top from H&M, a jacket from Romwe and shoes from Chicwish. And in this next photo, she again shows the benefits of staying fit with sport wearing a lovely little white dress from Sheinside with shoes from Choies

Petra Karlsson wearing white dress Sheinside Choies sandals

Petra Karlsson’s beauty is something you have to be lucky enough to be born with, but her wardrobe is very much affordable. She wears clothing from online shopping destinations such as Sheinside, Choies, chicwish, romwe — all of which cater to fashionable ladies who cannot afford high end designer brands or do not want to spend the high prices for high end designer brands when they can get great clothes for much less money. For more pictures of Petra visit her blog at petrakarlsson.se Amazingly, Petra takes her own photos with a remote (photos used here with permission).

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