Yellow top red skirt yellow skirt red top combinations


Looking for examples of yellow top red skirt or yellow skirt red top outfit combinations?

Maybe you’re wondering how a yellow top red skirt outfit would look or how a yellow skirt red top outfit would look. Here’s an example of a yellow top red skirt outfit.

Shala Monroque yellow top red skirt
Photo: Mr. Newton/Harper’s Bazaar found on (50 Fashion Rules To Break Right Now) via Google Images

Found this picture of fashion insider Shala Monroque while browsing Google Images. The image linked us to the website It was used in their article 50 Fashion Rules to break under rule #25 that suggests you can wear more than one bold color at a time. The photo shows the St. Lucia born fashion editor wearing a yellow t-shirt top with a red skirt.

Will a yellow top red skirt outfit look weird?

We personally think the yellow top red skirt outfit above looks perfectly fine. So if we’re going to use just that picture for reference we’d say that, in our opinion, a yellow top red skirt outfit will not look weird. But not everyone will agree that the combination works, even in the above photo example. Because some people think that you should never wear red and yellow together under any circumstance. And they aren’t able to see past this belief.

Here is another yellow top red skirt photo example

Joice from the blog Love Joice wearing a yellow top with a red skirt
Image via Love Joice – Joice wearing a yellow top with a red skirt (more pics on her blog)

This is blogger Joice from the blog Love Joice. This is  a picture from a 2012 post titled “Yellow and Red Color Outfit“. In the post Joice showcases photos of herself wearing a cute yellow top red skirt look.

Like the look from Shayla Monroque, this look from Joice works perfectly well in our opinion. But both looks are spring/summer looks. So what about fall and winter?

Will a yellow top red skirt outfit work in the fall and winter?

Yellow and red are without question fall colors. Just look at the leaves on the trees in fall. And it’s the contrast of the reds and yellows and variations/blends of each of these colors that make us pause to appreciate nature’s beauty in fall. So of course you can wear yellow and red together in the fall. Just make sure the shade of yellow and the shade of red are more dark than lightyellow top red skirt outfit idea

Here we have put together a look featuring a mustard yellow Ready To Fish By Ilja Roll Neck Top paired with a Jil Sander Navy Lambskin Mini Skirt. To really make this a complete fall look we added a pair of See by Chloé Suede and Snakeskin Knee-High Boots and a camel colored MSGM Clean Flap Wool blend coat, A Sophie Hulme Matte-leather bucket bag, a pair of Dax Gabler MOD.03 Sunglasses, gold bracelets and a gold necklace.

Shades of Yellow…

Yellow comes in a wide variety of shades. And while we always maintain that people should wear whatever they want to wear without regard for so-called fashion rules, for those who you prefer to play it safe, some shades of yellow might work better for fall and winter than others.

And the same goes for red. Some shades of red work better in fall than others.

For your yellow top red skirt fall look, choose a mustard yellow instead of a bright sunny summer-sun yellow. And choose a deep wine red (bordeaux, burgundy etc.) skirt.

As far as winter goes…

We still see no reason you should not be able to wear a yellow top red skirt outfit. But it’s probably not as common to see these colors combined or even worn alone in the winter. You’ll see them of course, but you won’t see them frequently. Many people shy away from yellow and red just as a rule regardless of the season. They think yellow is too bright and red is too brazen and loud. Combine the two and some people will shake their head in disbelief and call you crazy.

The yellow skirt red top look

Andrea Charlaine from the blog Andrea Charlaine wearing a red bathing suit top with a yellow pleated maxi skirt
Image from via Google images – Andrea Charlaine from the blog Andrea Charlaine wearing a red bathing suit top with a yellow pleated maxi skirt

In this outfit from back in 2012, Andrea Charlaine who blogs via  demonstrates how well a red top yellow skirt outfit can look. Andrea wears a yellow pleated maxi skirt with a red bathing suit top and what look like black or dark brown sandals. If you’re going to wear a red top with a yellow skirt, this is a very chic and stylish way to do it. A nice simple red top that’s worn with a yellow skirt that’s got a little personality. Or it could be a simple yellow skirt worn with a more stylish red top.

red sweater yellow skirt

Here we’ve put together an outfit featuring a red turtleneck sweater from Simone Rocha and a a yellow leather mini skirt from MSGM.

This outfit completely goes against out own suggestion above that in the fall and winter, if you’re going to wear yellow and red you should go for the more autumnal tones. This shade of yellow and shade of red are pretty bright; but we think that by going for all black accessories, outerwear and footwear you can detract from the glaring brightness of red and yellow.

Other items in the look include Gianvito Rossi Elke knee high boots, a Chloe suede and leather Drew shoulder bag and the Eveline coat from Stella McCartney.

So can you wear a red top yellow skirt outfit without looking like you’re trying to channel ketchup and mustard?

Sure you can!

We’re just talking about combining colors after all. Why should you be afraid to wear a red top with a yellow skirt or a yellow top with a red skirt? What’s going to happen if you do? Someone with nothing better to do is going to talk about you and criticize your fashion and style sense? So what? People are going to look at you like you’re weird? So what? People looking at you and criticizing you is nothing you should fear. Let them look. Let them talk. Wear what you want. Combine whatever colors you feel like combining. Wear purple with green. Wear orange with blue. It’s your life. Don’t let other people tell you how to live it. It’s your body. Don’t let other people tell you what you can and cannot wear on it!



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