I want the black and nude Jessica Simpson Elso stilettos

Pink Tuesday

Elso - Black and Nude

Elso – Black and Nude (Get shoe details),

I spent a good while on Polyvore working on the above set to come up with an outfit based on the black and nude Jessica Simpson Elso stiletto heels. They are $81. Love em but can’t afford em.

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The dress is actually not expensive even if I still can’t afford it. It’s the Mink 2 in 1 tunic dress from Dorothy Perkins. It $79.

The necklace and the bracelet are for when that billionaire alien from another planet comes down to earth and cannot be convinced that I’m not the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen so in his state of delusion he keeps buying me expensive things to honor me for my beauty (Not that I want to be honored for my beauty but no matter how I protest he insists),. If the billionaire alien never shows up I guess I’ll have to hope to win the lottery if I want this bracelet and this necklace because I can’t imagine the time ever coming when I will be earning the kind of money that will allow me to purchase a $3 495.00 bracelet and an $11,500 necklace.

  • The clutch is $645
  • The earrings are $10
  • The ring is $23


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