I recently purchased this black and white polka dot skirt from Amazon. It’s only $16.99 which is pretty cheap; but it turned out to be a surprisingly decent quality for the price. By decent quality I mean it’s well enough made and looks good enough to be worn out of the house. But no one’s going to think you purchased it as SAKs or anything.

black and white polka dot skirt Michael Kors black blouse styling outfit idea

Today I decided to experiment with styling the skirt. I paired it with the Michael Kors blouse that I purchased from Macy’s a few months ago. (Shop Michael Kors at Macys)

I accessorized with a broad black belt. For jewelry I went with a faux pearl bracelet and faux pearl necklace. And for footwear I went with simple black pumps. Had I included a bag I might have gone for a black clutch or a white clutch or maybe a mixture of black and white.

I think I like this outfit quite a bit. It’s simple and easy. Just a black blouse with a black and white polka dot skirt belted at the waist.

Rating the Black and white polka dot skirt

I’d give this skirt an overall 4.0 rating. I can’t find much to fault. It’s a cheap skirt so I have to grade it according to what it cost. And for a skirt that costs under $20 it’s pretty well made. The material isn’t flimsy. It’s partially lined and you can’t see through it. It fits well. (Find it on Amazon)

black and white polka dot skirt styling outfit idea Michael Kors black blouse


I read some of the poor reviews and based on my experience with the skirt so far I can’t relate. I don’t think it looks like it was made in someone’s kitchen. I didn’t iron it (probably should have) so I don’t know if the customer is right who complained that after she steam-ironed hers the black ran all over the white.

Let’s face it, there’s a reason vendors can afford to sell these items at such low prices. When you buy cheap things you can usually expect poor quality because the manufacturers aren’t spending tons of money to produce high quality good they can turn around and sell for pittance. If the high end guys are cutting corners you can be sure the manufacturers who are making merchandise catered to poor folks are doing even worse. So for the price the quality of this skirt far exceeds my expectations.




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