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At first thought you might think you can’t wear purple with blue…

Purple and blue as far as outfit combinations go are two colors that might seem like they wouldn’t really work well together; but you might be surprised to find that purple with blue doesn’t look like a mismatched combination at all.

Of course it really depends on the colors that you choose to combine.

It’s said that there are over 60 shades of blue and over 50 shades of purple. So you have a wide range of color combination possibilities. Some combinations are going to work better than others.

We suggest contrasting lighter shades with darker shades. For example if you’re wearing electric blue trousers you might consider a lighter purple top. But

To help give you a visual idea of how your purple with blue outfit might look, we scoured to web to find pictures of ladies wearing purple with blue.

Kaleidoscope Colors by Patricia Prieto
Image via – Kaleidoscope Colors by Patricia Prieto – purple satin top with royal blue chiffon skirt (more on her blog)

In this look from November 2010, fashion and travel blogger Patricia Prieto wears a Forever21 purple sating top with a Forever21 royal blue chiffon skirt. She adds an off white faux fur coat and buckle peep-toe booties (both also from Forever21). She accents the look with a red lip and accessorizes with a Forever21 pearl bib necklace.

We’re so loving this look it’s making us want to go do some shopping at Forever21 right now to see if we can put together a complete hot look like Patricia was able to do. You can find more pictures of Patricia’s look on her blog. Shop Now

South Bay California artist Jessica R from the blog <a href=""></a> wears a blue top with a purple print skirt
Image via – California artist Jessica R from the blog wears a blue top with a purple print skirt

In the above picture from 2012, artist Jessica R from California wears a blue Forever21 top with a fitted purple and pink print skirt. Jessica is a popular blogger who blogs via the website

Blogger Laura Tenshi wears electric blue top with purple pleated skirt
Image via http://tenshistylesarang.blogspot.comTokyo & Seoul Dreams blogger Laura Tenshi makes an electric blue top work with a purple pleated skirt

Blogger Laura Tenshi wore this electric blue top with a purple pleated skirt back in August 2011. Her outfit shows that you can actually combine bold blue with bold purple and get a good result. You can view more pictures of this look on her blog.

Have you ever worn a purple top with blue jeans?

You’ve probably worn purple with blue before without giving it a second thought. No one would question if a purple top goes with a pair of blue jeans. Or if a purple bottom goes with a blue denim shirt.

Baubles to bubbles blogger Olivia wears a blue denim shirt with a purple pencil skirt
Image via – Baubles to bubbles blogger Olivia wears a blue denim shirt with a purple pencil skirt.

There’s nothing in Baubles to Bubbbles blogger Olivia’s look above that would make anyone question the purple with blue combination. Olivia wore this look in 2013 and blogged about it in a post titled “Chambray & Pencil Skirt“.

So you can see that purple with blue is actually a perfectly fine combination.

At least we think purple and blue go nicely together. But we appreciate that you might not agree even with these examples we have shown. That’s the thing about style. Style is subjective. And what one person thinks looks good another person might not. So if you want to wear purple with blue keep that point in mind. If your friends tell you that the colors clash don’t worry about it. Just because they don’t like it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it.


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