I am not really having chamomile tea and biscuits in Corey Lynn Calter Women’s Christine Lace Dress. I am having chamomile tea but no biscuits. Trying to do a tea fast today; and I don’t own this cute little Corey Lynn Calter Women’s Christine Lace Dress. Corey Lynn Calter Womens Christine Lace Dress Corey Lynn Calter Women’s Christine Lace Dress – Purchase Details

How short is this dress? I love the color and the style would be great for the little fibroid issue I think.

So yeah I want to do a tea fast today as in only drink tea all day and don’t consume anything else. I’m already feeling the urge to eat so I don’t know if I’ll be successful but I feel like my body needs to be given a break from food today.

It’s not because of weight that I’m doing the fast. Far from that hubby was complaining yesterday that I’m getting back too small so I have to be careful not because of his concerns but because I myself actually don’t want to ever again be as skinny as I used to be. The thing is with these fibroids I have to do these fasts from time to time to try to deprive them of the stuff that keeps them fat and happy otherwise they totally screw up my physical and mental balance and that in turn upsets my emotional balance and I’m just a mess; and I can’t afford to keep being a mess because then I’m never going to get to finish my book and fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

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