Don’t dress your age DV by Dolce Vita Women’s Charlene Shift Dress


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This is a cute little 100% cotton white three-quarter sleeve shift dress with eyelet detail. This is probably one of those dresses that if you wear it over a certain age you’ll get the snide remarks from people who think that after a certain age you shouldn’t wear certain styles of clothing. DV by Dolce Vita Womens Charlene Shift Dress DV by Dolce Vita Women’s Charlene Shift Dress – Purchase Details

I frankly think a woman should wear whatever she wants to wear but she should bear in mind that people can be cruel and ridicule is possible when she goes out in public wearing things that are ordinarily considered unsuitable for a woman to wear after a certain age. If you can keep on strutting in the face of the ridicule then strut your stuff and tell your critics to kiss your derriere; but if you tend to get self conscious and you embarrass easily it would probably be better not to dress to draw attention to yourself.

I saw a picture of Joan Collins a few weeks ago. She was wearing a tunic top with a short skirt. The outfit was nice and youthful; but some people didn’t think it was suitable for a woman Joan’s age because her legs were showing her age and they figure mini skirts are only for girls and young women who have youthful looking supple legs.

I didn’t get the impression that Joan cared too much what people might be thinking about her outfit choice though. She looked perfectly at ease and happy and hardly like she was less than a year away from turning 80 years old.

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