Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Beat the odds genuine Leather Nocona Cheetah Print Belt with silver studs and accents

I’d buy this genuine Leather Nocona Cheetah Print Belt with silver studs and accents just because I like the look of it but I probably wouldn’t be able to find too many occasions to wear it. Don’t get in touch with my inner cowgirl too often. Nocona Cheetah Print Belt Nocona Cheetah Print Belt – Purchase Details

Talking about beating odds — I am feeling a wee bit down at the moment. Worried confused… Yesterday I came across an old diary and in one of the entries I talked about how I was going to rise and shine and show up all the people who expected me to amount to nothing.

I guess when you really think about it think about where I was in my life then I should give myself some credit. After all I was nothing but a beggar then. I didn’t have anything of my own and that includes a place to live. I was an adult with a kid and begging lodging; but I haven’t had to live like that for many more years than I had to depend on other people who made sure I knew with every bite of their food that I took that I was worth nothing in their eyes.

Life was hard back then and life is hard now for different reasons. I haven’t accomplished the things I expected to have accomplished by now. I’m supposed to be a published author with enough money to afford this cheetah print belt and everything else I’ve added to my fashion want list. I’m not a published author and I don’t have money to afford anything beyond paying bills and buying groceries; but when I think about where I’ve been and compare it to where I am you could say I’ve beaten the odds that were set against me then and if I could beat those surely I can beat these new odds.

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