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Drapes and Curtain wrap around dress

” Sometimes you need a dress but don’t have one so you just grab some curtains or drapes and wrap them in a stylish way and call it a dress

In 2020 I released a handful of singles. That meant I had to design some covers for the releases, which meant I had to come up with outfits. In my previous post I talked about the paper-bag dress outfit I created for my “Go with the Flow” album cover. Today I’ll share two other outfits I created. One was also for the “Go with the Flow” album cover, but I chose to go with a picture from the paper-bag photo shoot instead. The other was for the cover of my single “Fly”.

adelamonica fly cover1000

What is a wrap around dress?

By wrap around dress, I am referring to a dress that’s basically just fabric that you wrap around yourself in various configurations to make it look like a dress. In the case of the red wrap around dress I wore for the Fly cover, it’s two red curtains that I wrapped around myself to look like an elaborate red gown.

Drapes and Curtain wrap around dress ideas

Why would anyone want to make a wrap around dress out of drapes and curtains?

What are drapes and curtains but just fabric? And if you can use fabric to create makeshift dresses when you need a dress but don’t have one and can’t afford to buy one, why not use your drapes and curtains if they suit what you have in mind? I had these red drapes hanging at the French doors and I thought to myself, “hmm, maybe I could use these to fashion a dress”. And so I used them to fashion a dress, and I liked the result well enough that I designed the cover for my single Fly from a set of the photos I took wearing the dress.


The Green sheer curtains wrap around dress

adelamonica go with the flow

No dress? No Problem! Go with the Flow!

The picture above was the original concept for my “Go with the Flow” album cover. I used green sheer curtains to fashion a two piece outfit. This one isn’t a wrap around dress but a wrap around skirt with a wrap around top.

As with paper-bag concept that I chose for the final cover, on the day I decided to try to take some photos from which to create the cover, I realized I had nothing to wear. So I had to come up with something out of nothing. I came up with this two piece outfit that’s essentially just some sheer green curtains that I wrapped around myself to make them look like an outfit.

Like my grandmother used to say ages ago when she was alive and I was young, “where there’s a will there’s a way”. Despite not having any suitable dresses to wear or money to buy new dresses, I was able to design covers for both “Go with the Flow” and “Fly” and release the songs in 2020. Admittedly, these dresses are not be suitable for wearing out unless you are able to secure them safely and without noticeable issues such as fraying threads or other evidence of being drapes and curtains that you’ve wrapped around yourself.

While I know that things sometimes seem impossible, and while I haven’t yet managed to accomplish many of my goals, I do wholeheartedly believe that there is no such thing as can’t. I might never manage to get the things done that I’m trying to do but it won’t be because these things can’t be done. I believe there’s always a way.

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