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6 Romantic and Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas

Are you planning on popping the question? Then you surely need to surprise your significant other with a romantic and unique wedding proposal. However, the task isn’t easy. The special person in your life deserves an original proposal. Are you too nervous to think for yourself?

If you’re blocked by anticipation anxiety, check out these 6 romantic and unique wedding proposal ideas your partner will certainly love. Surprise your significant other with a proposal they’d never expect but will adore!

1. Write a love poem or a song

Are songs and poems you love language? Then you should definitely write one for your significant other! It doesn’t matter if you suck at singing, or your throat gets dry in the process. The only important thing is to show the love of your life how much they mean to you!

Pick your favourite place. It can be anything, from a spot by the river where you had your first kiss, over the coffee shop where you used to go, to the cosy bedroom in your apartment. Express your deepest feelings and show appreciation for your significant other through the song. 

2. With your pets

Can proposals get any more romantic and emotional? What if you included your pets in the process? If you are pet parents, your love will surely appreciate them being part of this big day. No matter what kind of pet you have, they can help you swoon your partner off their feet!

Attach a ring and a message to your fur baby, and call them in the room while you’re chilling with your significant other. Can you imagine the look on their face when they see their two (or more) favourite beings included in the wedding proposal? What a fantastic way to start a new life chapter!

3. Photoshoot 

Is the love of your life a fan of professional photography? You can surprise them with an arranged photoshoot in the studio or somewhere in nature. While you’re posing and taking adorable pictures together, use this chance to get on one knee and pop that pretty question!

To ensure that everything will go according to the plan, let your photographer know what the plan is! That way he or she can capture one of the most beautiful moments in your lifetimes from the best angles and using the best light. Besides gorgeous pictures, you’ll have your partner’s exact reaction and memories that will last for a lifetime.

4. Scavenger hunt

Is your love an adrenaline junkie that loves to explore? Organise a scavenger hunt marriage proposal to surprise your partner with. Even though this is a fantastic idea, the realisation can be complex, and you might need help from your mates. So, what will you do?

Write down the first clue for your significant other. You can create it as a riddle if your partner likes to solve puzzles, or in a form of a simple question, they need to answer. Make your second clue a place or a person that will direct your partner to the next one. Repeat the process until you’ve had enough clues and are ready to pop the question! 

5. Romantic getaway

For love birds, there’s nothing better than a romantic getaway, just the two of you. Away from your responsibilities and obligations, on your getaway, you’ll have time to pay extra attention to each other and make each other’s wishes and dreams come true! Wink-wink! So, where should you take your sweetheart?

Avoid commercial places like Paris or Prague. Even though they seem quite romantic, there’s nothing unique about them. People see proposals there every day! So, if you truly want to have a unique and romantic getaway where you can peacefully ask the most important question of your life, take your love to the Hinchinbrook Way. It’s a place where miracles happen and you won’t only fall in love with it, you’ll also fall in love with each other all over again! 

6. Personalise the moment

Is there a better way to show appreciation than by personalising something so common? There are so many proposal ideas, but they all lead to the same thing: giving your partner an engagement ring! So, why don’t you make it unique?

You don’t need to spend thousands on an engagement ring. If your significant other truly loves you, the value of the ring won’t matter. However, what does matter is the effort! So, instead of just using a commercial box, make a DIY ring box your future spouse can cherish forever!


The proposal is one of the most stressful events of your life. However, instead of following trends and sharing this intimate moment with strangers, try to create a romantic and unique proposal for your significant other. Hopefully, these 6 ideas will help you organise a proposal of your dreams!

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