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Do guys prefer girls who wear makeup and sexy clothes?

QI always read that guys prefer girls who don’t wear make-up and that they don’t like girls to dress slutty. But from my own personal experience, guys only seem to notice me when I’m wearing make-up and tight short clothes. And the women they chase after are the ones that wear a lot of make-up and dress slutty. So what’s the real truth? Do guys just say they don’t prefer girls who wear makeup and sexy clothes when in fact they do?

Re: Do guys prefer girls who wear makeup and sexy clothes?

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AUpdated response: The first thing I should have done here is caution against using words like slutty to describe a person because of what they’re wearing. I also should not have suggested there is such a thing as dressing provocatively. Because it’s inappropriate to label someone as looking provocative or being provocative due to what they are wearing. It is likewise inappropriate to imply that if someone is indeed acting according to what we define as provocative that they are doing something morally questionable just by walking a certain way or moving any part of their body in a motion or rhythm which we choose to look at a certain way. It’s how we are looking at something that creates a conflict for us. How we feel about something because of the way we perceive the thing and because of our beliefs–that’s our problem and we should not feel we have a right to impose our judgements on others.

OLD Answer: The truth is, most guys, whether they would admit it or not, are more likely to gawk at the make-up wearing girl in the tight dress. But the thing that a lot of us ladies don’t seem to get is that just because guys think we’re sexy and would like to spend the night with us (even 60 nights if they remain interested that long), doesn’t mean they really really like us.

What we mean by that: lusting after your body doesn’t equal liking you as a person and valuing you for your intrinsic qualities. Guys can be “interested in you” without really being interested in you.

So yes, as it relates to her personality and his ability to have a meaningful relationship with her, a guy can prefer the “realness” of a girl who doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t dress provocatively. That same guy, when out in public, might only notice the girls who do wear makeup and who dress provocatively. It seems contradictory only because we think if a guy notices a girl it means he likes her as opposed to it being just a case of him taking in and appreciating the view.

This is not a question of whether or not guys are telling the truth when they say they prefer girls who don’t wear makeup or dress sexily. It’s a matter of putting things in proper context.

Guys usually notice girls for their physical appearance. And whether we like it and can deal with it or not, the prettier you look, the more likely you are to get noticed. And as long as you don’t go so overboard as to look like you’re ready to troll the streets, the sexier you dress, the more likely you are to get noticed. So a pretty girl in a sexy outfit will usually get noticed over a barefaced girl in an unsexy outfit. Unless of course the barefaced girl is still drop dead gorgeous and her figure so outstanding that even a potato sack looks sexy on her. Assuming the barefaced girl isn’t drop dead gorgeous with a figure to die for, it’s still possible that when it comes to being in a relationship that’s about more than physical pleasure, some guys do prefer a girl who isn’t shallow and vain.

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