Is your frumpy style helping your hot nanny steal your husband?

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You’ve probably read all the gossip about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck by now. So you’ve come across those threads in which people tear down poor Jennifer and blame her for Ben’s alleged infidelity. In case you hadn’t read any of it, the rumor is that Ben Affleck cheated on Jennifer Garner with their younger nanny. We have no idea if any of it is true. And we’re sure if it’s true Jennifer dressing like hot slut every day wasn’t going to stop Ben from sleeping with the nanny if indeed he did. But that’s what some people are suggesting. They’re suggesting that Jennifer might have kept Ben’s eyes on her if she’d hadn’t turned into such a dowdy frump.

Here are some of the things you will come across in comment threads about Jennifer Garner and the way she has been dressing since becoming a mother:

  • I think Jennifer Garner dresses like a slob to appeal to her Minivan Majority (via
  • Jennifer Garner dresses like a grandmother. I just can’t see Ben staying faithful to this woman (via Daily Mail)
  • Jennifer Garner dresses like crap (via

We’re sure Jennifer has read or been told about some of these comments but it hasn’t made her stop dressing the way she dresses. We’re guessing it’s because she couldn’t care less what people think.

But should she have cared a little more what her husband thinks?

Ask the Editor

If Ben Affleck did cheat on Jennifer Garner with their nanny, is it Jennifer Garner’s fault for getting old and frumpy?

Editor’s response: I’m sure if Jennifer Garner had it in her power to stop aging at 25 she would have gladly stopped aging at 25.

Are we really going to blame people for getting old? That’s not something anyone can help. As for blaming her for her husband’s choice to sleep with the nanny, if he did sleep with the nanny, excuse her for being too busy being a mom to her young children to worry too much about how sexy she looks or doesn’t look on a daily basis.

More than a few people think it’s a woman’s responsibility to keep her husband interested enough that he doesn’t stray. This means she must look sexy and act sexy all the time. Because that’s what she’s up against is a world filled with women who look sexy and act sexy. And it’s hard enough for her husband to resist temptation. When she’s going to be walking around the house looking like a frumpy old lady, she makes it harder for him to not notice and lust after all the sexy women around him.

But most men are going to notice and lust after the sexy women anyway. It won’t matter how hot their wives dress or how hot they act. And if a man is going to cheat he’s going to cheat regardless if his wife dresses sexy for him or not.

Preferring to dress comfortably is not a crime against your husband and your marriage. You don’t deserve to get cheated on because you wear frumpy clothes.  So no, it’s not Jennifer’s fault for aging and taking on a mother-of-three style of dress. If Ben did in fact cheat on her with their nanny he did it because he wanted to–not because Jennifer drove him to it by not dressing sexy.

Image of Jennifer Garner: “Jennifer Garner 2013” by US Department of Education– Early Learning Bill Event 470. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons.


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