What color shirt goes with gray pants?

what color shirt to wear with gray pants

The two main colors we’ve seen ladies wearing with gray pants are white and black.

If you’re looking to play it safe then you should definitely go with a white shirt or a black shirt. More so white than black.

But there are plenty of other colors that can work with your gray pants.

What, women don’t wear pants?

We noticed something interesting while researching the question “What color shirt goes with gray pants?” The Google images results returns mostly pictures of men. We’re guessing it’s because shirts and pants are traditionally the domain of men while women are associated with skirts and blouses. But we still got some great ideas for colors other than white and black that go with gray pants.

Let’s start with the basics…

black shirt gray pants white shirt

White shirt gray pants

Image via Lookbook.nu – Saea Eom Seoul Korea model wearing white shirt with gray pants white shoes apricot coat – (find her on Instagram)

Here’s a basic white shirt gray pants look modeled by Saea Eom who is described on her Lookbook.nu page as a model from Seoul Korea. Saea titled this look “Mannish look for a Girl”. The look pairs a white cotton shirt with gray pants and white oxford shoes. The short apricot colored trench coat adds a softening effect to the conservative look.

Black shirt gray pants

black shirt gray pantsAlthough some people will argue the point, black is widely considered to be the most versatile color. It is believed that black pairs well with every other color. You can certainly wear a black top with gray pants without need for concern that the black and gray don’t go together. About any shade of gray will work with any shade of black.

Red shirt with gray pants?

Why not? Red and gray can work perfectly well together with the red uplifting the gray and the gray toning down the red. In this photo a woman wears a red long sleeved shirt (really a blouse) with a pair of women’s gray bike to work jeans from betabrands.com

woman wearing gray bike to work jeans betabrand with red top
Image via betabrand.com – woman in a red blouse wearing a pair of women’s gray bike to work jeans

Blue shirt gray pants
blue shirt gray pants

With the right accessories, you can make any shade of blue work with gray pants. Some shades of blue will be trickier than others. You’ll have to match them with the most complimentary shade of gray.

Green shirt with gray pants?

Alex Jones green top gray jeans
Image ©WENN.com via Daily Mail

Sure! You can wear a green shirt with gray pants. The key is to pick a shade of green that enlivens the gray if the gray is a dull shade. Or pick a shade of green that softens the gray if the gray is a darker shade.

Yellow shirt with gray pants?

yellow shirt gray pantsYou can wear a yellow shirt with gray pants. The key is to pick the right shoes and accessories. We’ve chosen white shoes and a white bag for this look but we admit we’re a little iffy on our choice. What do you think? What color shoes would you wear and what color bag would you carry with this yellow shirt gray pants combination?

So to answer the question what color shirt goes with gray pants:

You can get away with just about any color. We’ve mentioned red, black, yellow, white, blue and green above. You could also wear a pink shirt with gray pants. You could wear a gray shirt with gray pants. Colors that might not seem to be a good choice can become a great choice with the right bag and jewelry and the right shoes. There really is no limit if you know what you’re doing. But if you’re not so sure and you’re not much of a risk taker when it comes to fashion, just stick with the safe bet colors.

  • Black

  • White

  • Gray






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