No, you’re not too old to wear PINK

too old to wear pink? girl posing in pink outfit
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I was thinking about doing an article exploring the question of whether or not a particular age is too old to wear pink (the color). And in my preliminary research, I came across some discussions on the subject of being too old to wear PINK (the Victoria’s Secret line). It was all very interesting, all these people weighing in. Some people were suggesting that once you’re out of college you’re too old to wear PINK . Others were suggesting once you reach the age of 30 you’re too old to wear PINK.

are you too old to wear pink - Maryana Yusypchuk from Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine wearing a Love Pink sweater from Victorias Secret
Maryana Yusypchuk from Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine wearing a Love Pink sweater from Victoria’s Secret – image via her Lookbook page at



Above, Maryana Yusypchuk from Ukraine shows off her love for pink. She’s definitely in the right age for wearing Victoria’s Secret PINK if you ask those who believe that the line is only suitable for girls in their teens and women in their twenties.

Marika F from Newport Beach California United States wears a Victorias Secret PINK hoodie sweatshirt
Marika F from Newport Beach California United States wears a Victoria’s Secret PINK hoodie sweatshirt – image via her Lookbook page

If you saw a 70 year old woman wearing this PINK hoodie sweatshirt would you feel inclined to think to yourself that she looks ridiculous? Would you think to yourself that she’s trying to be young? And if yes, I ask you, what is wrong with that? If she’s wearing a PINK hoodie sweatshirt to make herself feel young how does that harm the universe? I suspect most people would give a pass to a 70 year old and just think “how cute–the little old lady is wearing Victoria’s Secret PINK”. But a woman in her forties or fifties might receive scorn and derision. Because it’s cute to try to look and feel young when you’re 70 and beyond. Between 40 and 69, it’s pathetic (not my opinion folks)

victoria’s secret PINK sweats

Personally, I don’t own anything from the Victoria’s Secret PINK line. Maybe on a subconscious level I’ve considered that style of clothing too youthful and playful. But I think the main reason is that the playful nature of the line has never appealed to me, not because of my age but because of my personality. I would not have worn that style of clothing even when I was fifteen. And if I wanted to wear it now I would wear it. Because I believe people should dress according to how they feel and not according to how old they are. So whether we’re talking about PINK as in the Victoria’s Secret line of clothing or pink as in clothing that is of that color, I don’t believe anyone has the right to tell another person that they are too old to wear pink, or too anything to wear pink for that matter.

what color shoes to wear with a pink dress 3
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Imagine if I come in your face and tell you that you are too this or too that to do this or do that, wear this or wear that? What would you think? First off, if your mind is working right, you’d wonder, “who is this bisch getting in my face telling me what I’m too anything to do? Where does she get off?” Because, indeed, I don’t know you and right there is the primary reason I have no business to be thinking anything at all about what you’re too old or too young to do. Why am I thinking about you? Why do I have an opinion about you and what you do with your life? Why do I have an opinion about what you wear? That would be me going too far and clearly lacking something in my own life to have time to spare to form an opinion on what someone else is wearing, whether it’s someone I know or not.

too old to wear pink victorias secret
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I think that we don’t often enough stop to ask ourselves this question.

Why do I have an opinion about what someone else is doing with their own life? Why do I have time to think that someone is too old to be wearing what they are wearing?

I read one comment from someone bragging how she gives the side eye to people over a certain age wearing certain things. Is this a reflection on the people wearing what she considers to be not age appropriate clothing, or is it a reflection on her? Why do you care enough what someone you know nothing about is wearing, that you will take time to give them the side eye? You are being unnecessarily rude and your side eye can make some one feel bad, and for what reason? Because you, someone they don’t know, someone who does not know them, think they are inappropriately dressed for their age. And because what they’re wearing bothers you so much that you feel compelled to be nasty enough to give them the side eye? How about minding your business? Just like it was your right and freedom to put whatever you felt like putting on your body, it’s their right and freedom to do the same. And it’s none of their business what you are wearing. Likewise, it’s none of your  business what they are wearing. They would be out of line and rude to be watching you, sizing you up, judging your age and forming any kind of opinion about you based on how you look. The same applies to you. Consider how you would feel with the tables turned. Leave people alone to go about their business without having to worry about you giving them the side eye or otherwise trying to impose your opinion of their appearance into their space. The world will become so much of a better place when we all (myself included) stop being so rude and judgemental and just allow people to live their lives.

too old to wear pink? girl posing in pink outfit
Copyright: slava77777 / 123RF Stock Photo

So, whatever your age, wear what you want to wear. Whether it’s PINK the Victoira’s Secret line or pink the color, if you want to wear it, wear it. You’re not too old to wear pink. The people who will try to impose this notion on you just don’t know any better. They don’t realize that they have this belief because it has been programmed into their mind.



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