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Would you pay $5 440 for this Balmain Wool-twill mini dress?

Balmain black Wool-twill mini dress

I just saw this dress while browsing dresses on Polyvore for a set I wanted to create. It’s from Balmain. It’s a black wool-twill mini dress. It comes with a $5″ 440.

I get that Balmain is a high end designer brand and that Balmain stuff is super expensive; and I get that women like me are not who the brand targets so it really doesn’t matter what we think of their prices because the women they target have no problem with their prices. That’s why their stuff is as expensive as it is; because the customers they target not only have the money to afford their items they actually buy the stuff and clearly love the stuff.

But seriously why does this dress cost $5 440?

The dress is made of 100% wool. Okay. It’s a nice dress. Okay. If you have the body for it and you dress it up right it could potentially make you look like a million dollars for the few hours that you have it on. Okay. Still…why does this dress cost $5 440?

So my question to you:

Would you pay $5 440 for this Balmain Wool-twill mini dress?

It’s probably not a good idea to say what I would or would not do in a situation I have no idea what it’s like to be in. I don’t know what it’s like to have the kind of money to afford to buy something that costs $5 440 without batting an eye lash. $5 440 seems expensive to me because I’m poor; but it might not seem expensive to someone rich. I know sometimes when poor people get rich suddenly they go crazy and start spending like there’s no tomorrow. I want to think that if I were to suddenly acquire wealth I wouldn’t start buying up $5000 dresses like a fool; but I don’t know what kind of person I would turn out to be with money and I will probably never find out.

If I did have this dress here is how I would style it.

For shoes I would wear these $1,095 Christian Louboutin Drapesse peep toe pumps. Since this is all imaginary I don’t have to concern myself with the fact that these are 6 inch heels and I can barely walk in 3 inch heels much less to attempt to walk in 6 inch heels.

Christian Louboutin black drapesse peep toe pumps

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For accessories I would carry this Salvatore Ferragamo clutch” described as “the ultimate evening-ready accessory”. This jet black python clutch from Salvatore Ferragamo promises to amp up any look. Clutch features: Black python gold-toned logo hardware magnetic top snap chainlink shoulder strap inside back wall slot pocket

The clutch comes with a $1,330 price tag

Salvatore Ferragamo jet black python clutch

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And how about these Bulgari Flower Cat Eye Sunglasses? Talk about expensive. These sunglasses apparently come with a $13″,570 price tag. And here I am questioning the price of the dress!

Bulgari Flower Cat Eye Sunglasses

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Balmain Wool-twill mini dressgold earrings / Daniela Farah ring / Bulgari ” $13 ,570 / Stila / CARGO liquid eyeliner / Smashbox lips makeup / Butter London

I don’t imagine one needs to wear a necklace with this dress; and the gold buttons on the cuff of the sleeves seem to be accessories enough so bracelets shouldn’t be necessary either. So just add some black and gold earrings and a black and gold ring and that should suffice.

Want the dress? You can buy it via net-a-porter.com

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