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What’s in Mariah Schafer’s black leather Celine bag?

Mariah Schäfer is a beautiful German blogger and photographer. She blogs at mariahahead.com, a personal blog via which she aims to inspire and encourage fashion lovers to develop and stand for their own personal fashion identity–a pretty awesome message if you ask us. Mariah was out and about in early July enjoying the weather in Germany and rooting for her German team in the World Cup Semi Finals. Germany of course went on to win the World Cup.

Mariah Schafer Asos shorts Acne t-shirt cropped blazer asos sneakers Celine Bag Fendi Sunglasses

On her outing Mariah wore a pair of shorts from ASOS with an Acne t-shirt and a short blazer over the t-shirt. She wore shoes from Acne and a pair of Fendi Sunglasses. Mariah’s bag of choice for the day was a black leather Céline Bag. We were curious to know what was in Mariah’s bag so we asked her and she was lovely enough to oblige us by providing an answer.

What’s in Mariah Schäfer’s black leather Celine bag?

Mariah Schafer in Asos shorts Acne t-shirt cropped blazer asos sneakers Celine Bag Fendi Sunglasses

Here’s what Mariah told us…

Uhm I’m carrying usually either my fendi sunglasses or my rayban. Then always my pink celine wallet. My house key, a charger for my iPhone since I always run out of battery. My chi hairspray, a makeup bag from Tommy Hilfiger or d&g. ( 2 mac lipsticks and a Mac powder), Moroccan oil, My “wet brush”, a mirror, hair ties, often my mac book air. Some sweets 😀 and a bottle of volvic water. always tissues 🙂
I guess that’s all 🙂 I carry a lot haha 🙂

Farfetch.com (US)

Want a Céline bag but can’t afford it? →You’re not alone. Consider saving up for a well deserved splurge. Lots of girls do it. They save up and buy themselves one or two expensive high end designer bags or designer sunglasses or designer shoes. There’s nothing wrong that. If you want a designer handbag or two, save up and get a designer handbag or two. You deserve nice things just like everybody else. Just as long as you’re getting these things because you want them and not because you’re trying to keep up with every body else and you think you need to have high end designer things to be special. It’s like Mariah says, stand for your own personal fashion identity. If you’re a high end label kind of girl that’s perfectly okay. Be yourself and enjoy the process. But know who you truly are and be true to that person even if she’s someone who thinks spending $3000 on a bag is insane.


Check out Mariah’s blog at mariahahead.com for more pictures of this stunning beauty. We share Mariah’s views on the importance of individuality in fashion. Be strong and own your personal style and know that you are beautiful.

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