What’s in Ranti Onayemi’s Chanel classic flap bag?

Ranti Onayemi Chanel classic flap bag gold black skirt white top outfit

Ranti Onayemi Chanel classic flap bag gold black skirt white top outfit 2

My Fashion Wants recently featured Ranti Onayemi in “Ranti Onayemi inspires with her classic chic sophisticated style“. Ranti is fashion stylist who maintains the personal fashion blog “Ranti In Review“.

Ranti Onayemi Chanel classic flap bag gold black white outfit

Ranti writes of her goals with her fashion blog:

With this blog, I intend to inspire, connect, challenge and hopefully evolve your fashion instinct by sharing my eclectic yet clean aesthetic.

We are definitely inspired by Ranti’s style and feel the challenge to evolve our fashion instincts. But right now we’re on a limited budget; so for the time being we have to settle for ogling the gorgeous things that stylish fashion bloggers like Ranti bring out from their closet to model for our viewing pleasure. Like Ranti’s Chanel flap bag for example.

Ranti Onayemi Chanel classic flap bag gold black white outfit sitting on steps

We were curious what Ranti carries in her Chanel flap bag so we asked and she was kind enough to tell us and also answer a few other questions. But first, in case you have $3,399.00 and want to invest it in a Black lambskin leather small double flap bag from Chanel Vintage→

Black lambskin leather small double flap bag from Chanel Vintage

Seller says…

Black lambskin leather small double flap bag from Chanel Vintage featuring foldover top with twist-lock closure, a chain shoulder strap, multiple interior compartments, an internal logo stamp, an internal zipped pocket and a stitched internal logo.

PRICE: $3,399.00Buy It!

What’s in Ranti Onayemi’s Chanel classic flap bag?

The Q & A

What do you typically carry in your Chanel bag and are these
the same things you ordinarily carry in any bag you use on any day?

I carry what I typically carry in all my bags which may vary from day to day. My iPhone, a small size Keith Haring notepad, a pen, my pink Saint Laurent card holder, my fuchsia pink Club Monaco coin pouch, a pair of sunglasses, vaseline brand lip balm, a package of Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets (a must for my combination skin), a small pouch of on the go makeup and occasionally a lollipop or some kind of sweet (I’m a candy addict).

If you had a friend who wanted to borrow your Chanel bag would you let her borrow it. If not–why not?

I am not sure that I’ll let a friend borrow any of my Chanel bags because they were such an investment and I am very protective of my pieces, Chanel or other; I see my clothes and accessories as my babies and I love and protect them all as such. However; I do have friends who own their own designer pieces so they understand the value, with those friends I might make an exception for a day or so.

One of your recent posts on your blog is titled “Self Indulgence“. I love what you wrote in the post. If someone confided in you that she really wanted to buy a Chanel bag but she was having mixed feelings about spending that kind of money on a bag because it seemed like a self indulgent thing to do, what would you say to her to convince her that she deserves to indulge herself?

Ranti Onayemi yellow shorts self indulgence tee chanel flap bag

Acquiring a designer bag is definitely an investment and indulgent thing to do but one has to take this on a case to case basis. I’ll not advice a friend who is not financial sound to invest in a bag that’ll cost an average of $5000 because regret and guilt can take hold post purchase. But if one is in a position to save and buy one I’ll say “go for it”; we only live once. Might I add Chanel bags are one of the few bags which appreciate in value rather than depreciate, which makes the purchase a great win. Not to mention, if well taken care of, a Chanel bag can last an average of 20 years and more, so the purchase is well worth it.

I recently read an article on purseblog.com titled “Are you treated differently when carrying your best bags?”. In your experience are you treated with higher regard when you’re carrying a Chanel bag? Do people tend to give you that little glance or nod of deference?

It is not that I’m treated differently based on what I’m carrying but I will admit that people do notice and definitely comment and compliment. Chanel definitely has iconic and recognizable pieces and many ladies do take a second glance here and there if it’s a piece they may have been coveting themselves.

You have more than one Chanel bag. Do you love all your Chanel bags equally? How does this bag (the Chanel classic flap) rate among the Chanel bags you own?

Ranti Onayemi in j crew top h-m shorts with Chanel classif flap bag

I love both of my pieces; my Classic flap makes me feel a bit more mature when I carry it. The hardware is gold which seems more dressy and ladylike, though these are all characteristics I love, I have a bit more edge to my style so I gravitate a bit more towards my other piece. My “Le Boy” bag is definitely my favourite piece of the two; it’s edgy, cool and has a bit of street element which I truly love. I love both of my bags but they both serve different purposes in my day to day wardrobe.

You definitely need to check out Ranti In Review. Ranti Onayemi’s style is amazing. You’ll have to tear yourself away or you’ll be clicking way back into her archives checking out every single post she has ever done. Count us among her admiring fans.

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