How to wear blue high heel pumps

Black jacket blue top black leather skirt blue high heel pumps

I mentioned in a previous post that I recently purchased some shoes from DSW. I needed to have more options to work with for my Style Practice blog posts. The shoes I purchased are pretty cheap. They retail for between $40 – $60. I purchased them at clearance prices.Qupid Penelope-01 blue Platform Pumps 2

Among the 5 pairs of shoes I purchased were these patent cobalt blue high heel pumps from Qupid. These are the Qupid Penelope pumps. I purchased a pair in green as well but I’ll feature those in another post.

The pumps are round toe stiletto heeled pumps with a faux patent leather upper and synthetic sole. They are a shiny electric (cobalt) blue. Qupid Penelope-01 blue Platform Pumps 3

Styling my Qupid Penelope blue high heel pumps

Styling blue pumps Qupid cobalt blue Penelope outfit

I wanted to style my blue high heel pumps with something yellow and blue or white and blue, or yellow white and blue; but I had nothing to work with in my closet. So I had to settle for black and blue.

It would have been ideal to have some nicer pieces of clothing to work with. Like the blue Armani blouse, the black T By Alexander Wang stand up collar blazer and the black Ted Baker Pony Skin pencil skirt shown above. Not to mention the Chanel black and blue lambskin leather flap bag. But I guess if I had such high end brands in my closet I would be writing a feature about a pair of blue high heel pumps that cost me a few hundred dollars. To style my $25 pumps, all I could find in my closet was the black leather skirt I picked up from the Goodwill on my last Goodwill shopping expedition. I paired that with a blue New York & company top, another Goodwill purchase. And with that I wore a black fitted blazer purchased via a few years ago.

blue pumps black leather skirt London 2

blue pumps black leather skirt London
As awesome as it would have been to actually visit London and pose in front of a red telephone booth, I took the photos in my living room. My visit to London was virtual and achieved using photoshop and images from

The Qupid Penelope blue high heel pumps

Qupid Penelope-01 Platform Pump blue 1
The Qupid Penelope blue high heel pumps are a decent enough pair of pumps. They retail for $44. I purchased mine for $25 clearance price. The pumps deliver on patent shine and cobalt blue; but you’ll probably need to be a little more careful in how you handle them. I was handling mine a little roughly as I tried to position them this way and that way to get some good pictures. The result is that they bruised a bit.

As I have mentioned repeatedly I am not skilled at walking in high heels. These were no different from any other pair of 5.5 inch heels I’ve tried to walk in. I can’t walk in them; but I have to say, my legs weren’t buckling quite as much in these. The pumps fit nicely. I wear an 8.5 and bought an 8.5. The fit was perfect.

Want these pumps?

Check at for Qupid high heel pumps


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