Available for purchase is this Two Tone Pleated Dress Lind from MANGO – a sleeveless dress that has a round neck. Dress is white on top and bright pink in the skirt. Skirt is pleated.  Fabric is 100% polyester with 100% polyester lining
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A Two Tone Pleated Dress Lind MANGO Tale

Jami was browsing on “Mango.com” when she saw me. She thought to herself” “That’s a cute Two Tone Pleated Dress. I’d look pretty cute in that.” I thought to myself” “Yes” I’m a cute Two Tone Pleated Dress and you’d look pretty cute in me. So go ahead and buy me already.”

I knew Jami was a frugal girl. She loved fashion and loved to be fashionable but she had been raised to be practical and to think about the bigger picture and prepare and plan for that bigger picture.

Jami’s bigger picture had five bedrooms and four bathrooms with 2 partial baths and was situated on 2.5 acres of land somewhere in Florida. She was saving for her bigger picture and didn’t like to spend money on clothes unless it was absolutely necessary; but she really loved me and she wanted me and I really wanted her to buy me. I felt like I had been made just for her.

“Come on Jami you deserve me,” I said to her as she continued to eye me. “I’m only forty bucks. You can afford forty bucks.”

As if she’d heard me Jami repeated pretty much the same thing I’d said.

“It’s only forty bucks”,” she said. “I can afford forty bucks.”

“And you can wear me with those Steve Madden suede peep-toe HIPIEE pumps your sister gave you for your birthday”,” I said. “They’ll go great with me.”

Again it was as if Jami had heard me.

“I can wear this with those pumps Linda gave me for my birthday”,” she said. “They’ll go great together.”

It took another ten or so minutes” but Jami finally decided to buy me. She decided that she deserved a new dress and spending forty dollars on herself instead of putting it in the dream house account wasn’t that big a deal.


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