A review of my Fresh trends Online Body Jewelry clipon cartilage earring


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Last week I wrote about my purchase of what I thought were two triple steel illusion clipon cartilage earrings (). Turns out I only purchased one. The earrings were on sale for $1.99. Shipping and handling was $2.99. So I paid $4.98 to cure my curiosity to see how a cartilage earring would look on me.

How the earring looked on the Fresh Trends website

Fresh trends Triple Steel Illusion Non Piercing Cartilage Earring or Lip Ring

So shiny and sparkly. So opulent. So grand. Okay, I guess I should have expected that you can’t buy opulent and grand for $1.99; but surely you can buy shiny and sparkly for $30, which is apparently the original price for the triple steel illusion clip on fake cartilage earring. But the earring does not look quite so bursting with shiny brilliance in person as in the sale pic. Still, I guess that says more about me and my lack of experience with shopping for jewelry. I’m sure no seasoned shopper would have looked at the picture and expected the actual product to look exactly like it.

How the earring looks in person

Real pic of Fresh trends Triple Steel Illusion Non Piercing Cartilage Earring or Lip Ring 1

Real pic of Fresh trends Triple Steel Illusion Non Piercing Cartilage Earring or Lip Ring 2

My thoughts about my new triple steel illusion clip on fake cartilage earring.

It looks cute. But it’s not something I would expect anyone in their right mind to pay $30 to purchase. The sales page indicated this item retails for $29.99. There is no way. It simply just isn’t possible. Not even $9.99 which was the original mark down price. No disrespect to people who make this product or the people who are selling it; but it doesn’t look worth more than a few cents to me. I would expect a package containing 10 of these for the price I paid for 1. That’s $1.99 for a package of 10. That’s the only thing that would make sense to me. Maybe there’s something I don’t know about the value of steel? But I do think it makes a nice cute little decoration for my ear. Makes me want to shop around for more clip on cartilage earrings. I like that I couldn’t feel it on my ear. That’s always been my problem with earrings. I don’t like being constantly aware of their presence. With these clip-on cartilage earrings I didn’t feel them on my ear at all. I even fell asleep in them. And they stayed on. So all in all it’s an okay product but the price is way over the top. Yes, I know, it’s just $1.99 and I should be embarrassed to be talking about the price being too much when all I spent was $1.99. At least I got something out of it. Whereas when I spend $2 on Powerball lottery tickets I get nothing. But even so, it really does on it’s own look like something that fell off a pen. If it fell off my ear while I was outside no one would see it and pick it up thinking it was a piece of jewelry. But again, and most importantly, it does it’s job. It clips on to your ear and decorates your ear and it stays on even while you sleep. And, in my opinion, it looks very cute.

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  1. Horrible Costumer Service! Will Never Shop Here Again.

    I got an allergic reaction from a tragus piercing due to bad jewelry. I was told to change out the ring for 316V surgical. I came across the site Freshtrends.com that sells body jewelry and thought to try them out. I never made a bigger mistake.
    I am writing this review over two weeks after my order, even though they have an estimated USPS First Class Mail delivery time of approximately 2-7 business days after your order ships. The first time I called their customer service I was told the order would be shipped out the next day, it never arrived. When I called a week later, I was told nothing had shipped because one or two of the four items I ordered had to be crafted by the artist. Here I am with an ear ready to fall off, waiting on the arrival my surgical steel and I was never told my order would be delayed because of lack of stock when I specifically only ordered items that were listed as instock. Then it was a battle of shipping upgrade, then whether the instock items would ship that day, the next or even the day after that. It seems I did not need that information. Honestly, this was one of the WORST costumer experiences I’ve ever had. The representative who answered the call each time was unbelievably rude, extremely disrespectful and a little racist. I requested several times to speak with a manager or supervisor and she actually refused and told me I would have to go through her as she was the only one to answer the phone. She hung up on me several times and blatantly refused to give me any information about my order. I could not even cancel my order. It was so unbelievable I had two of my coworkers listen to the call on speaker and even they were open mouthed. When she realized people were listening she hung up on me again. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER shop at this site. I told them I would review them and I am. Do not give them your business until they start treating their customers better.


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