This Giambattista Valli embroidered leaf dress comes with a $34,700 price tag. It looks like an interesting dress, but $34,700? It’s 100% polyester. Guess if someone meticulously embroidered all the leaves on the dress by hand the price tag is justified? You think?

Giambattista Valli embroidered leaf dress - image via
Giambattista Valli embroidered leaf dress – image via image via

Giambattista Valli embroidered leaf dress – it’s a cute dress if you like loose fitting dresses with ruffled hems and asymmetrical ruffled sleeves. Probably the same design in a block color, say white, becomes something that brings to mind granny nighties? This probably will not be a first choice for a 20-year old, so why do they even use 20 year old models to show styles on the runway that are more likely to be purchased by middle-aged and older women? Just wondering.

Would you pay $34,700 for this Giambattista Valli embroidered leaf dress?

Personally, I like this dress. I like the loose look, the ruffled hems, sleeves, the green leaf embroidery pattern. I could wear this Giambattista Valli embroidered leaf dress as shown or belt it at the waist with a nice broad belt. But would I pay $34,700 for this dress? Don’t think so. Unless it was a handmade one-of-a-kind work of art, and then again not even then. Maybe if I had money and this was a one-of-a-kind dress made by hand by someone who is struggling to get by in life, struggling to keep food on the table–maybe I would consider it. Otherwise, come on! $34,700? Why?

Dress is from the Giambattista Valli SS18 collection. You can check out the collection via the modaoperandi website by clicking this link (note: the link is an affiliate link)

Frankly, I think that $34,700 for a dress is pure insanity. I would love to find out exactly what it is about this dress that warrants such an insanely high price tag. If you know feel free to clue me in.


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