Let’s talk Tamara Mellon boots!

Happy Wednesday all. Hope your day has gotten off to a wonderful start. It’s already afternoon here and I’m just beginning to start my day. Well, actually that’s not true. I started my day a few hours ago trying to take some pictures for a post I wanted to write, but I’ve changed my mind about that for now. Instead I will do a post about Tamara Mellon boots, because, I am, for the moment, an affiliate, and it is my job as an affiliate to try to promote merchandise.

So are you a hustler? A Queen Bee? A femme fatale?

Which Tamara Mellon boots say you?

The Fatale?

Tamara Mellon Fatale peep toe sandal lace-up boot – image via tamaramellon.com

There’s a femme fatale inside all of us women I think. Some of us might never buy a pair of stiletto lace-up peep toe boots like this sexy pair from Tamara Mellon, because our inner femme fatale is just that, a part of us we keep hidden even from ourselves. But our inner femme fatale’s heart pulses just a little faster when we see things that she would definitely wear if she were to take over control of our life.

These boots come with a $695 price tag. They are made from suede.

Would I ever buy a pair of Tamara Mellon Fatale boots?

If I could afford the indulgence, which is to say, if spending $695 on a pair of boots just to use them in a photo-shoot was something I had the means to do, I would totally buy these and pair them with a sexy leather outfit for a photo shoot. But would I actually wear them to go out in public? I probably would not wear these out because I don’t typically dress in a way that would make these boots a sensible choice. Besides that, I can’t walk in heels and it’s usually an embarrassing sight me out trying to do stilettos.

The Queen Bee?

Tamara Mellon Queen Bee boots – image via tamaramellon.com

Let’s face it. There’s only room for one Queen Bee in the universe at present. And she goes by the name Beyonce. Dare any of us refer to ourselves as Queen Bee and we will be stung to death by a lot of angry little worshipers of the great one. But these Tamara Mellon Queen Bee laser-cut honeycomb-inspired ankle boots are interesting. As with the Fatale, these are boots that I would only use to play dress-up for photo shoots. Although, the heels aren’t so high that I wouldn’t wear them out in public if they were comfortable. I could see venturing out with these on (if they’re comfortable)

Of course, with a price tag of $650, they are a bit out of range for me at the moment.

The Hustler?

Tamara Mellon hustler boots – image via tamaramellon.com

The Hustler are definitely me. I would not hesitate to buy these in several colors if I could afford it. The only thing that would deter me would be the fit and comfort. I am not one of those ladies who believes in suffering for style. And shoes are a big issue for me where that’s concerned. I’ve had some horrific experiences with uncomfortable shoes. The memory still causes pain. So I would not buy these and suffer the discomfort if they turned out to be uncomfortable. There would be no pair of shoes in the universe, expect maybe a magic pair that could grant wishes (and then maybe not even) that I would love so much I would wear them and suffer even the smallest amount of pain. Suffering foot pain is SO not worth it to look good.

I would get the hustler in tan (above), sand, chocolate and black if I could. And maybe even in leopard. Why not?

How about the Moriyama?

Tamara Mellon boots moriyama ankle boots in suede – image via tamaramellon.com

The Moriyama is a fishnet inspired boot that comes in thigh high and knee high varieties as well as the ankle boot. If I were to purchase a pair of the Moriyama boots it would have to be the thigh high. Because, why bother with the knee high or the ankle boots? The thigh high is where it’s at.

Tamara Mellon boots moriyama thigh high boots in suede

It’s like you’re wearing fishnet stockings with pumps, so who would wear fishnet ankle stockings or knee high fishnet stockings over wearing thigh high fishnet stockings. Fishnet says sexy, not cute. And if you’re going to go there, you might as well go all the way there. So it would have to be the thigh high Moriyama for me.

The Moriyama ankle boots come with a $550 price tag. The knee highs come with a $695 price tag and the thigh highs come with an $895 price tag.

Which would you get if you had to pick?

How about the Go West Ankle boot?

Tamara Mellon boots – stretch suede Go West ankle boots – image via tamaramellon.com

I’ve said in many of my posts that comfort is my primary concern when it comes to fashion. I have my days when I like to look chic and stylish; but if it means being uncomfortable, I’ll save it for the photo studio. The Tamara Mellon Go West ankle boot looks like it’s a comfortable boot. It’s stretch suede, which makes it sound comfortable too. Of course, just because something looks and sounds comfortable doesn’t mean that it is comfortable in reality. And in my opinion there is little more traumatic than the experience of wearing uncomfortable boots.  As far as the style of these boots go, I’m not really in love with the ankle design. I’ve never worn boots that fit so close to the ankle so I don’t know how they feel, but I can’t imagine I would like the ankle of my boots to fit as closely as a pair of socks. These boots come with a $495 price tag.

Note: You can also get the Go West in stretch nappa leather if suede is not your thing. And they also come in a thigh high version. The thigh highs are $875

Go West thigh high stretch suede boots Tamara Mellon

How about the Attraction boot?

Tamara Mellon boots – attraction pull on stretch suede with micro studs – image via tamaramellon.com

The Attraction is another style of Tamara Mellon boots. The Attraction is described as “Pull on Stretch Suede w/Micro studs upper”. These are cute for sure, but are they boots that I would buy if I walked into a store and saw them (and the price tag was something I could afford)? Probably not. I would give more than a cursory look, but at the end of the day, I probably wouldn’t buy them because they aren’t the most flexible style of boots in the world. You can’t wear these everywhere and anywhere. And I don’t live the kind of life where it would make sense to have shoes that are only suitable for going places that I don’t go and doing things that I don’t do.

These boots come with an $850 price tag.

The caress?

Tamara Mellon boots – caress stretch nappa leather boots

To me the Tamara Mellon “Caress” boot is pretty much the same as the “Go West”. I mean, you can see differences in the styles, yes, but they aren’t dissimilar enough that you would want to have both styles. If you have one, you pretty much have the other. But interestingly, I first saw the caress in navy, in a the below picture and I was intrigued by them. I thought, if I were tasked to purchase Tamara Mellon boots, I would definitely consider these.

Tamara Mellon Caress navy velvet boots – image via tamaramellon.com

But they kind of look more interesting when they are not being worn I think. I love the navy velvet; but maybe if I were to purchase a pair of navy velvet Tamara Mellon boots, I would prefer a different style from the caress. Although, these and the Go West look like they are super flexible and bendable, which can’t be a bad thing where comfort is concerned.

Are you more an Easy Rider kind of girl?

Tamara Mellon Easy Rider boots

Currently the boots that I wear most are similar in style to the Tamara Mellon Easy Rider boots. I’ve been wearing my boots since I purchased them at least a couple of years ago. They aren’t Tamara Mellon boots. I have no idea of the brand, but it’s pretty low end. However the boots have held up expect for the tongue coming out. I wear them to go everywhere and I wear them with everything because they are super comfortable and that’s the absolute most important consideration for me with shoes. If I could, I would buy the Hustler boots for style and hope they turn out to be wearable. I would buy the Easy Rider for living life, assuming they are comfortable. Just because you expect a pair of shoes to be comfortable given the design doesn’t mean they will be comfortable.

Maybe you are a ‘Kindred’ spirit?

Tamara Mellon Kindred boots in leopard print – image via tamaramellon.com

I’m feeling the leopard print Kindred mid-calf boots more so than the black mid-calf. They come with a $995 price tag though, so I can feel them all I want. They won’t be finding their way to my closet any time soon. The black haircalf knee high Kindred also have a nice appeal.

Tamara Mellon Kindred knee high haircalf black – image via tamaramellon.com

Are you an Icon?

Tamara Mellon Icon Stiletto boots – image via tamaramellon.com

I mentioned in a post featuring a pair of Victoria Beckham boots that I like a pair of boots that are “simple yet stylish with no tacky embellishments and adornments”. I would say that the Icon boots from Tamara Mellon fit that description. I like a classic leather boot that isn’t fussy and elaborately adorned or otherwise overly ornate. Straight clean and simple but still sexy. I would buy these, but given a choice between these and the hustler, I would probably go for the Hustler; and given a choice between the Hustler and the Easy Rider, well I would wish I could get both because they serve different purposes. But for the purpose of actually being able to wear the boots, if the Hustler were comfortable with zero pain caused to my feet, I would go for the Hustler over the Easy Rider just because, although I would wear the Easy Rider with everything, it’s not really the best choice for a party dress you know what I mean? Meanwhile, you could wear the Hustler with a party dress as well as with jeans.

The Icon price tag: $675

Do you love Lust?

Tamara Mellon boots lust knee high boots nappa

I have been wanting a pair of red knee high leather boots for forever. These look like I might even be able to get from my bedroom to my living room with a swing in my step instead of having to bend my knees and walk with care so as not to fall over.

The Lust comes with a $795 price tag. It also comes in other colors in case you think Sexy Little Red Riding Hood or Sexy She-Devil when you see these red knee high boots, of which neither is a personality you desire to channel.

The Helmut?

Tamara Mellon Helmut knee high stretch nappa leather boots

I definitely wouldn’t do the Helmut knee high boots. Would find it too constricting clinging to my calf. But I might consider the thigh highs for a sexy photo shoot.

Tamara Mellon Helmut thigh high stretch nappa leather boots

Guess I would have to wear a super short leather skirt with a bustier top or some such combination of an outrageously sexy outfit. Or maybe it wouldn’t be necessary to go over the top just because the boots are over the top.

Helmut price tag: $695 (knee high) $975 (thigh high)

Are you all about getting Sweet Revenge?

Tamara Mellon Sweet Revenge all in one pant and shoe hybrid

Yes, these are boots. Kinda. They’re boots and pants all in one. I think they’re pants with boots attached more so than they are boots with pants attached. They’re described on the Tamara Mellon website as a “revolutionary all-in-one pant and shoe hybrid”

The first time I saw these a few seasons ago, I was fascinated. I am still fascinated. I would love to try these. But the price tag is $1475. They come in suede and leather. I’ve only seen colors black and chocolate. Don’t know if there are other colors.

Prefer to strut with ‘Verve’ and vigor?

Tamara Mellon verve grey suede wedge heel boots

I like the style of the Tamara Mellon Verve wedge heel boots. I would defintely buy a pair if I could afford the $795 price tag and I didn’t have to choose it or something else. If I could only buy just one pair of Tamara Mellon boots, I would probably have to pass these over; but I think I would give them some serious thought.

Or are you a Prediction kind of girl?

Tamara Mellon Prediction over the knee boots

The Prediction is a cute style, but it probably wouldn’t be in the conversation if I told to pick the pair of Tamara Mellon boots that I would most like to own. The Prediction comes with a $795 price tag.

So which Tamara Mellon Boots say you?

Note: Yes, I have written this post about Tamara Mellon boots in an effort to promote the brand as an affiliate. But don’t hold that against me. I don’t have a regular 9-5 and so I have to try harder to earn a commission now and then. I’ve already been booted from one affiliate program because I did not generate any sales for the brands that I was supposed to be promoting. I know you guys get annoyed when affiliates try to convince you to buy stuff; but we’re the same as sales people in the stores. It’s our job. It’s how we earn a living. I’m not here getting rich off this blog. Far from it, on average I make less than $1 per day from this blog. Seriously, yesterday I made 0.35 cents from this blog. I kid you not. And this month I will have made $30 which is actually more than I have made from this blog in a while. So if you see some boots you like and intend to buy, consider using the promotional link below so that I can earn a small commission for referring you to Tamara Mellon.

Shop Tamara Mellon boots at Tamara Mellon.com–>

Thank you

All the Best



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