Before I get started talking about the Marchesa SS18 Collection…

This post is going to be about the Marchesa SS18 collection, but before I get started talking about that, I wanted to say hello and apologize for falling off the radar. I haven’t been keeping up with the fashion blogging. I know. But if you have been keeping on with me (as if), then you know I am pursuing my singing and songwriting passion and that I have released my first single and I am hard at work trying to reach my goal to complete the album by my birthday in 2018. I had originally hoped to complete it by my 2017 birthday which is in a little over a month from now, but I now can appreciate how unrealistic a goal that was for a project started in January 2017.

Let me at least show some of the pictures from the Marchesa SS18 Collection so that if you are here only to read about that I don’t bore you with my side talk

Marchesa red ruffles black tulle dress
Marchesa red ruffles black tulle dress – image via
Image via

I wrote a piece about these two gorgeous red ruffles dresses from the Marchesa SS18 collection yesterday while i was trying out a new theme for the site. I had an idea to turn the site into a pinboard, so I purchased a theme that was supposed to aide me in that goal. But that turned out to be a disaster, and pending PayPal’s decision, I could be $39 more dollars in debt but have nothing to show for it. I do think making the site into a pinboard site would be a great idea, but until I can find a theme that works or find the money to pay someone to create a theme that works, we’ll just have to stick with this format.

Thos two red ruffles dresses are gorgeous though. Too bad they cost roughly $4000 and $7000. Only in my wildest dreams will I ever get to try them on.

Marchesa black silk organza 3D flower top from the Marchesa SS18 Collection

Marchesa black silk organza 3D flower top
Marchesa black silk organza 3D flower top

I love this black silk organza 3D flower top from the Marchesa SS18 colelction. It’s got a little bit of everything and make for an amazing top to wear in a photoshoot. Minus the shoes which I would definitely not pair with this outfit if I was wearing it or something similar, I love the way it is being worn in this next picture.

Marchesa S18 Collection - New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 NY September 2017
Marchesa New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 NY September 2017 – image via

This top is only $995. Seems affordable relative to the price of the above dresses.

Marchesa azalea pink sheer silk bow-tie collar puffed sleeves blouse

Marchesa SS18 Collection - sheer silk blouse puff sleeves color azalea pinWhat is not to love about this blouse? I tried to pin it yesterday when I was trying to get the aforementioned theme to work so I could turn into a pinboard which I think would be a great idea, but it did not work. Luckily I saved what I was writing about this blouse. Here it is below:

Pink Silk Organza see through blouse by Marchesa

How gorgeous is this Pink Silk Organza see through blouse by Marchesa. Saw it on the website. It comes with a $1,195 price tag, which is of course a whole lotta money for a blouse. But what do you exactly expect? Marchesa is not a brand for ordinary folks. It’s a brand for folks who can find $1,195 in their wallet more easily than some of us can find a dollar.

I definitely would not hesitate to buy this blouse if the price tag was friendlier to my budget. There’s nothing about it not to love. Well, I don’t really love the bows on the sleeves to be honest. They’re a little bit too much and would probably annoy me; but for a photoshoot, they are perfect. That sort of thing always adds an extra touch to your pictures.

What do you think about this Marchesa pink silk organza see through blouse? Do you think the price tag is reasonable? Would you pay $1,195 for this blouse?


Here is how the blouse looks being worn by a model on the runway

Marchesa New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 NY September 2017 - Marchesa SS18 collection
Marchesa New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 NY September 2017 – image via

Don’t you just love everything about this look. I’m in love with all the pieces. I love the azalea pink color. I love the sheer silk and all the bow tie and 3D details of the blouse (but I do think that for regular wear the bows on the sleeves would bug me a bit). I love the lace skirt and the pink lace camisole under the blouse. I would definitely need a camisole to wear under the blouse. I know there are some bold young ladies out there who would wear the blouse with nothing underneath, including a bra; and if you can get away with that more power to you. Be daring. Do what you want. I could not get away with that. If I could, I would probably wear it with nothing underneath because why not?

Marchesa fringed illusion gown from the Marchesa SS18 Collection

Marchesa New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 NY September 2017
Marchesa New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 NY – September 2017 – image via

This is an interesting dress. I’m not a huge fringe person to be honest, but I wouldn’t be above wearing this dress if I had the chest for it. I would love to see how it looks on a lady who isn’t tiny in the bosom department. For sure, you probably don’t want to wear this dress or a similarly styled dress if your bosom has been through some years of wear and tear. You need youthful, perky breasts to do this dress justice. By the way, the dress comes with a $8995 price tag.

Marchesa Ombre Tiered Gown sheer strapless organza 3d flowers dress
This Marchesa gown features a strapless neckline and draped tulle and silk organza floral texture- corseted bodice – $9995

Ridiculously gorgeous right? If you were rich why wouldn’t you pay the $10000 to get your hands on this dress? But even while I can admit this dress is so amazing that if I was rich I’d buy it, I still think there’s no reason a dress needs to cost $10000.

So what are your thoughts so far on the pieces we’ve shown from the Marchesa SS18 Collection?

If you’re a rich lady and you see something you like, click here to shop the Marchesa SS18 Collection at Yes, if you click the link and you make a purchase, I will receive a commission. That seems to stop most people from clicking the link, but I am required to disclose it. So, here is the fact, yes, you will be helping me out if you use the link. You will be helping me to earn a living. You will be helping me to get closer to fulfilling my dreams. If that is not something you wish to do I understand. If you do click the link, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

According to the information found via,  the Marchesa SS18 Collection – designed by Georgina Chapman (Born: April 14, 1976) and Karen Craig(Born: February 27, 1976) – was inspired by American heiress Aimée Crocker who, according to her Wikipedia page, was “an American heiress, princess, Bohemian, world traveler, mystic and author” known for her “cultural exploration of the Far East” and her extravagant parties in San Francisco. If you’ve  never heard of her before, you are not alone. She was, again according to her Wikipedia page, born in Sacramento California on December 5th in 1864, and died on February 7th in 1941 in New York City New York. She was the daughter of Edwin Bryant Crocker who was a California Supreme Court Justice and founder of the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California.

This season it’s about: American heiress Aimée Crocker, whose travels to Japan and bohemian spirit inspired the collection’s exaggerated kimono sleeves, pearl necklace embroideries and lotus flower ruffles—gracing gowns perfect for the type of parties Crocker attended.

Some more from the Marchesa SS18 Collection

Marchesa Ombre Silk Column Gown

Considering that some of the dresses from the Marchesa SS18 Collection will cost you as much as $13,000, this strapless draped bodice smbre silk column gown is rather modestly priced at just $4000.

Marchesa SS18 Collection Cherry Blossom Tulle Ball GownI suppose that girls who attend balls can afford a $9000 ballgown. This black silk organza and tulle Marchesa ball gown with it’s plunging v-neckline is covered in pink cherry blossom embroidery and threadwork vines. It is a transparent dress, so if you like showing off your body through sheer clothing, this dress will get you covered (or uncovered as the case might be) The price tag: $8,995

There’s nothing not to love about the pieces from the Marchesa SS18 Collection. Rich girls have no doubt already pre-ordered the collection out of stock. Imagine selling out of something before it even becomes available to sell. I’m saying that’s the case here. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised. The collection pieces are all so gorgeous, and with such exorbitant price tags, I’m sure they don’t make these thinks at the volume of production of merchandise geared to the rest of us.

Shop the Marchesa SS18 Collectioin at

So how are you doing? I hope your year has been a good one. Can you believe there are only 3 months left in it if you count the month that is just starting today? I wish it had not gone by so quickly myself. But I will have to say, I officially released my first single this year and I am halfway through completing my first album so this has been a tough yet productive year. I am up to my eyeballs in debt with no relief in sight, but I took a chance on myself and my dreams and I have no regrets. Although, last night, I had a dream that I was booked to perform my single Baby Thanks A Million at an event, and I totally embarrassed myself and my family. I was so terrified and nervous that I lost my voice and completely forgot not only the lyrics, but also the tune.

Thank you so much to any of you who have listened to my first single. It means a lot more than you know. Here is the iTunes link to Baby Thanks A Million.  It’s 99 cents to download. If you prefer to listen for free, you can do so at CD Baby. But please do listen and let me know what you think.

In the meantime, please pursue your passions in life. Chase your dreams. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. I spent decades of my life hiding from the world because I didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t love myself. I felt like I was nobody and nothing. I believed I wasn’t likable, worthy and deserving of love. I didn’t want to be seen. I was afraid of what people would think and say. I still struggle with these feelings, so exposing myself in this manner is a big deal. If you are struggling with any of these things you’re not alone. I know you feel alone. I often feel that way too. But I can tell you that you’re not alone, because I am here struggling with the same things myself, trying to face them in a way that is either going to save me or kill me. I don’t know yet which. But just remember when you feel like no one knows or cares, that I do know and I do care.

Peace and Love




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